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2008 Cynosport Games Agility Observations, Day One

By Monique Plinck and her Pyrenean Shepherd, Rou

Monique is sharing her experiences with us as a new competitor to USDAA national events.

  • Checking in at 10:00am today (Wednesday), I was glad to have two seasoned National competitors from New England with me, Terri Ceserak and Jan Perry.  They remembered how to get to the site... always helpful!  Within the hour we had checked in, unpacked, and made an early round of vendors. 
  • This year the dock diving crew set up a third pool just for agility dogs wanting or needing a swim.
  • By noon we tested the theory - is a 90 degree dry heat hot?  Yes!
  • I had walked European Standard by 1:00.  Tricky, tight, and fast.  Terri Cesearak of Naugatuck, Connecticut described it as tight and wasn't too pleased with it, but her opinion bears little weight since she actually ran it clean! 
  • My dog, Rou, was eliminated by obstacle #3 and did it again at #10, #13, and #15.  It was a fast course!
  • We gave Course-A-Lure a try at 4:30. In this event, a dog runs on an enclosed course consisting of hoops, chutes, tunnels, and turns while chasing a lure that resembles a rabbit.  I had heard my roomate's Cockapoo, Gracie Allen, could run it with the best of 'em.  I had to see it for myself.  I bought us each a ticket and witnessed the screaming, squirrely black-and-white blur run it for myself! 
  • Rou was up next.  He appeared excited at the start line and took off after the lure and... came back after the second turn looking for me.
  • Have you ever run Course-A-Lure?  I have!  I think I'll quit while I'm ahead so that I don't have to try dock diving myself as well!  I'll reward myself with some vendor shopping tomorrow.

Stay tuned for Steeplechase, Team Snooker, and Jumpers tomorrow!


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