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Steeplechase Finals 12" Commentary/Results

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ring 1: Steeplechase Finals

12": 8 competitors

    12034 Quill Parson Russell Terrier Sandra Rogers left the ring and then came back at full speed, but was eliminated. Something caught the dog's attention!NT

    12038 Charley Papillon Anne Platt classic lead out, very seasoned competitor, one obstacle at a time, athletic handler, front cross in closing 31.09

    12040 Amoco Shetland Sheepdog Brad Pelton twirling front cross at the base of the A-frame, and two more, a very different handling style but it's working for him.  A lot of extra crosses in front for this team 32.25

    12028 Nipper Jack Russell Terrier Greg Louganis went first to avoid conflict, push out to 15, pushed to #13 jump, serpentining the closing 33.90

    12016 Snap Shetland Sheepdog Wendy Pape Wendy's little sheltie has a reputation for being a little wild and absolutely fearless, tight turns, tough time to beat 28.75

    12007 Dobby Jack Russell Terrier Greg Louganis Greg's second dog, seems to have the same handling plan in place as with his first dog. 30.92

    12037 Letti Cardigan Welsh Corgi Shelley Permann nice A-frame performance, all handlers doing a good job at pushing their dogs out to the wingless jump at #7 wide turn but 31.44

    12039 Devo Papillon Kimberly Sisak this handling strategy has emerged, nice call-off but missed the last weave pole so the dog was elminated

No poles down in the class! 

1 Snap
2 Dobby
3 Charley
4 Letti
5 Amoco
6 Nipper


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