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Steeplechase 22" Finals Results/Commentary

This class pushed the limits!

22": 20 competitors

    22024 Jet Border Collie Pati Mah running lead out pivot, back cross #7, front crossing back to A-frame, good line going, 27.85

    22181 Recess Border Collie Kim Cullen Energetic crowd tonight cheering for this dog, missed down contact zone on A-frame, 28.77

    22053 Jet Border Collie Diane Sanders lead out way past #2 jump setting up turn to A-frame, triple bar down, back cross going into the box, dog on right for closing, 28.56

    22172 Jazz Border Collie Susan Mitchell another missed down contact on the A-frame, big lateral distance on the weaves to set up the wide cross, bar down 27.65

    22087 Wally Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy leads out past the turn, offset #2 to tighten the turn to A-frame but #7 bar down and missed down contact. Only three years old! Front cross in serpentine at end. 28.34

    22117 Ivie Border Collie Emily Snider she knocked over the number near the A-frame, #7 had a bobble, nice line into closing 30.71

    22279 Presto Border Collie Terry Smorch Terry's young dog, well down front cross after the #5 jump, front cross into box, back cross #13, push to closing, 28.39

    22101 Ace Border Collie Nancy Gyes Nancy leads out past the turn and does a quick change of side, another one chosing the back cross at #7, nearly gets in the way of the wing but pulls it off, 27.56
    22043 Kiwi Border Collie Linda Greene back cross at #7 wingless jump, back cross at #13 and it didn't go well - back jump and elimination 28.99

    22230 Jenny Border Collie Wade Robertson front cross into box, back cross at #13, finished even better than he started 27.23

    22125 Jock Border Collie Lyn Kahn back cross at #7 but the dog was sucked into dummy tunnel.  Eliminated

    22124 Sybil Border Collie Mark Bowerman manages contacts carefully, stays near dog in poles and gets wide front cross down before #11, front crosses into closing 27.96

    22154 Blast Border Collie Rhonda Carter have been the national Grand Prix Champions in the past... nice lateral distance on the weaves, good job on the rear cross, push out after A-frame 27.48

    22294 Qwik Border Collie Stuart Mah blind cross before the A-frame! He's really pushing, tight back cross at #7, rear crossed at #20, just a wide turn at #13 lost the time 27.52

    22289 Teak Border Collie Ken Fairchild beautiful job managing the contact, couldn't be any tighter on the turns, back cross at #13, saved at #17 jump, that lost him the time 28.12

    22243 Mist Border Collie Carol Schiefer bar down at the double #5, everyone is pushing their dogs so hard, wrong turn and back jump at #14 eliminated

    22134 Dilly Border Collie Amanda Shyne long lead out past the turn to the A-frame with an offset start and it led to a perfect A-frame performance, several crosses, A-frame dog on right, back cross into closing 27.78

    22002 Tony Border Collie George Baker ran out of order, ran before Ace, wide front cross with the lateral distance on the poles, very smooth 27.18

    22259 Juice Border Collie Marcus Topps He has won this class before at the 26" height, other side of the A-frameon the opening, back crosses the #7, and #13, so tight, flying, double back cross at #19 and #20 26.65

    22141 Perk Border Collie George Baker missed contact at the A-frame the first time through, missed performance on long jump 25.98

1 Juice
2 Tony
3 Jenny
4 Blast
5 Quik
6 Ace
7 Dilly
8 Jet
9 Sybil
10 Teak


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