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Steeplechase 26" Finals Results/Commentary

Running with the big dogs...

26": 12 competitors

    26038 Brody Border Collie Jim Aitken Ran out to his lead out past #2, bar down #7, back cross at #13 (the standard pattern), pull through the closing 28.47

    26103 Kestrel Border Collie Bridget McKnight quick little dog, very attentive, front crosses #15 and again at the A-frame 28.82

    26087 Zesty Border Collie Barbara Davis gives the dog a good look at that tricky #7 bar but wide in the closing 29.28

    26118 Slick Border Collie Lisa Marie Bowers well timed front cross and back cross through the box, worked her contacts hard 29.57

    26105 Jester Border Collie Daisy Peel Daisy is doing a nice job with her front crosses, cross on A-frame and again in closing, nicely handled 29.10

    26113 Whip Border Collie Susan Tovino handler cut the dog off forcing him off the jump in the box and he took #7 in error and was eliminated.

    26096 Maverick Border Collie Dudley Fontaine same mistake as Whip!  Same off course, although the handler wasn't in the same position. Eliminated.

    26119 Spree Border Collie Ann Braue leads out differentlyto the other, outside stanchion of #2, lateral movement to signal, way ahead of dog, cuing well in advance 27.89

    26030 Cap Border Collie Robert Yi good job in the front cross in the boxes, can't crowed them with things this tight and let him see things, faulted second A-frame down contact 27.94

    26088 Pickle Border Collie Alicia Nicholas barely got contact, then tried to front cross the landing side of the double, caused a fault, some bars down but handler rallied and finished strong 34.10

    26017 Icon Border Collie Channan Fosty Good job managing the contact, finished with front cross before the dog got there, faulted the down contact on the A-frame the second time 28.37

    26100 Zippity Border Collie Denise Thomas keeping the bars up despite being smaller, very fast, little wide turn off the A-frame at the end 28.31

1 Spree
2 Zippity
3 Kestrel
4 Jester
5 Zesty
6 Slick


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