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Performance Speed Jumping Finals 16" Results/Commentary

Running on the brink

16": 10 competitors
    P16086 Tahoe Australian Shepherd Dave Grubel This team made the PNS finals too.  High energy style, nice turn from #13 to #14, missed the #19 jump and had to fix it. 33.00

    P16044 Rumor Border Collie Geoffrey Goudy Quick front cross by Geoff he is really moving and so is his dog front cross before #15, several more fault on long jump 28.39

    P16049 Disco Border Collie Kim James typical front cross on landing side of #11, dog wide after #13, front cross after long jump 28.14

    P16053 Misha Cross Breed Noriko Aso running lead-out pivot, front cross the landing side of #5, missed #7 jump but went back and fixed it, nice turn from #13 to #14, never stopped pushing despite error 31.18

    P16150 Kylie Australian Cattle Dog Anne Swan Leads out past #2, back cross at #7, stays right beside her dog at weaves, landing wrong way after #14 but she fixed it 29.17

    P16118 Brink Border Collie Sandra Rogers Very abrupt handler pivot after #2 back cross at #7, push to #13, push to #17, serpentine at the ending, tough to beat 26.83

    P16014 Streak Border Collie Maureen Scheall great job through the weaves, pushing through #13, dog on left to A-frame, dog on left through closing 27.29

    P16148 Remy Border Collie Terry Smorch Past National Champion, chooses the abrupt turn technique after the lead-out, missed the down A-frame contact first time through, tightest closing 27.60

    P16059 Joplin Border Collie Reggie Rogers clean and fast through th epoles, good lines, just failed to pull the dog through #13 jump and the dog jumped #7 eliminated 28.22
    P16089 Sterling Border Collie Gerry Brown barely made down contact on first A-frame, wide front cross at #11, nice and tight at #13, good contact, front cross in closing 28.35

1 Brink
2 Streak
3 Disco
4 Sterling
5 Kylie


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