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RUNNING ORDER: Veterans Showcase

Celebrate with the veterans!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

There are no placements in today's showcase, just a celebration of our older dogs.  The top three veterans (age nine or older) over four classes here at the Cynosport Games.  In order to qualify to compete at the Games they had to be a past Grand Prix Semi-finalist.

Ring 1: Veterans Showcase

8": 3 competitors

      Bailey Pembroke Corgi E. Martin
      Velo Toy Fox J. Stokes
      Maybie JRT D. Pike

 12": 2 competitors

      Rocko Cocker C. Hess
      Kruz'n Border Terrier B. Rosen

 16": 3 competitors

      Dory Border Collie K. Wells
      Stat Border Collie C. Schiefer
      Max All American M. Grant

 22": 3 competitors

      George Chesapeake A. Williscroft
      Ally Aussie S. Josselyn
      Jazz Flat Coated Retriever T. Rodney


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