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Grand Prix Finals 12" Results/Commentary

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ring 1: Grand Prix Finals

12": 10 competitors

    12039 Devo Papillon Kimberly Sisak This team has been here before, strong call back to dogwalk, missed down contact on dogwalk, 32.90

    12015 Sadie Cocker Spaniel Linda Morgan moving a little slowly out here in the sun, front cross before the dogwalk, handler front crossed before the A-frame and again before weaves.  Dog picking up some speed, front cross into the final jump 53.83

    12025 Dali All Breed Bob Foley this dog is very fast and barks his opinions on course, back crossing between the elements of the 180, serpentining the ending 34.05

    12005 Kitty Pembroke Welsh Corgi Minako Tokuda another vocal dog, took an off cousre at the tunnel instead of taking the dogwalk, handler recovered well and is pushing it for a great run through the end 42.10

    12037 Letti Cardigan Welsh Corgi Shelley Permann ticked the bar in the 180 but it held up, fast moving, trusted the dog on the weave entry and front crossed at the end 36.21

    12038 Charley Papillon Anne Platt came off the side of the seesaw but it was on the ground so no fault, front cross down side of A-frame and at weaves, serpentine at the end 36.53

    12011 Porsche Pembroke Welsh Corgi Deborah Ogg front cross before dogwalk, handler ran ahead to cue the double front cross after A-frame and before weaves, serp at closing 37.03

    12010 Jack Shetland Sheepdog Nancy Gyes front crosses before the dogwalk, missed the closed tunnel so a refusal was scored, crossed behind the #14 jump 39.83

    12004 Whim Jack Russell Terrier Katherine Elliott took a faceplant after jump #2 but dog is OK, great running dogwalk, she's on fire, wide turn off of jump before weaves but tucked right in there, what a great run 33.00

    12030 Tangle All Breed Dana Pike Handler is injured but is running on crutches! Dog is a little confused, refused teeter, handler pulls the dog off the course to a great round of applause.

1 Whim
2 Dali
3 Letti
4 Charley
5 Porsche


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