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Will we have a juicy round?

History in the making?  Juice and Marcus Topps could win all three major competitions here in the 2008 Cynosport World Games - Steeplechase, Team, and Grand Prix.  Will they do it?

22": 24 competitors

    22126 Lin Border Collie Takami Ono front crossing before dogwalk, called on downside of dogwalk contact, miscommunication at A-frame 33.98

    22087 Wally Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy nicely managed 180 turn to dogwalk, a missed contact on the downside of the dogwalk, tight 180 at #14-#15 31.40

    22247 Drifter Border Collie Rosanne DeMascio shadows across the dogwalk, is that playing a role in the missed contacts, Drifter faulted there too, back cross the landing side #14 and #18 30.52

    22036 Steeple Border Collie Kim Terrill clear on the dogwalk! back crossing the landing side of #14 and the weaves too, lateral send to #18 30.31

    22029 Sweep Border Collie Jim Basic clear to the A-frame but misses the downside of the A-frame contact zone, back crosses the weaves and front crosses before #19 31.42

    22259 Juice Border Collie Marcus Topps great down on the dogwalk, working his contacts, back cross landing side of #14, rear crosses weaves, rear crosses the serpentines 30.77

    22007 Skylar Border Collie Ann Zarr missed the double, then fixed it and got a bar down.  Dog looked for her after chute... front cross after 19 34.24

    22009 Kona Border Collie Diana Wilkins missed the down contact on the dogwalk, nice tight back cross on the landing side of #14 but that set the dog up for a wide turn after 32.03

    22294 Qwik Border Collie Stuart Mah ran with the dog at the start, pulls him tight to the dogwalk, missed the down contact at dogwalk, blind cross after A-frame, 31.53

    22239 Encore Border Collie Susan Garrett screaming as she runs, fast running dogwalk, pushed the dog off the A-frame back cross at weaves, front cross before #19. 30.98

    22056 Driven Border Collie Kate Moureaux wide turn on the 180 to the dogwalk, great dogwalk though, dog went off course and missed the dogwalk entirely, handler finished despite elimination (dog reset himself in a two on/two off position after missing the dogwalk to restart from there - the crowd loved that!) 34.51

    22117 Ivie Border Collie Emily Snider handler falls but recovers without missing a beat, later the dog missed the down side of the dogwalk, front crossed early on the landing side of #19 33.15

    22046 Pyro Border Collie Rhonda Carter great dogwalk, tight turn, back cross at weaves, pull to serpentine, 31.75

    22125 Jock Border Collie Lyn Kahn efficient around 180 back to dogwalk, missed the dogwalk down contact dogwalk landing side of #14 31.44

    22002 Tony Border Collie George Baker New England specators are crazy for George! dog missed the push out to the #6 jump, eliminated but the handler is just pulling him tightly and finishing well 30.06

    22283 Indy Border Collie Rafael Quinones dog goes wide into 180, runs past the jump, recovers and then takes the tunnel instead of the dogwalk.  Handler recovers at the end though 39.34

    22067 Jaxon Border Collie Sonya Maas dog's startline stay is super flat, hilarious! missed the down contact or flyoff on seesaw, missed down dogwalk contact nice tight pull to the weaves, front cross afer the weaves, setting up the serp closing 31.07

    22279 Presto Border Collie Terry Smorch terry escorted presto to the 180 for a tight turn, managing his contacts, early front cross into weaves, takes nothing for granted 31.68

    22100 Jammer Border Collie Maureen Strenfel called on the seesaw, up dogwalk contact missed, dog missed #15 entirely, handler finishes well (eliminated) 32.45

    22101 Ace Border Collie Nancy Gyes nicely managed seesaw, clear over the dogwalk, calls to the A-frame but misses the downside of the A-frame, escorts through the ending 31.25

    22160 Toby Border Collie Lauren Mitchell team has had quite a good year, he's a big strided dog but got both the up and down contacts, refusal at #14 34.41

    22109 Nyx Border Collie Kathy Lewis missed down side of the dogwalk, front cross at the end of the weaves, 31.28

    22134 Dilly Border Collie Amanda Shyne typically has solid contacts, and the dogwalk was great, same for A-frame, they are flying, tight front cross into weaves, front cross at #19 30.83

    22208 Slick Border Collie Steve Moon flyoff on the seesaw and missed first element of the 180, beautiful running A-frame, back cross the landing side of #14 and weaves, front cross at #19 34.52

1  Steeple
2  Juice
3  Dilly
4  Encore
5  Presto
6  Pyro
7  Drifter
8  Ace
9  Nyx
10 Wally
11 Sweep
12 Jock


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