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Grand Prix 26" Results/Commentary

Screaming to the finish...

26": 18 competitors

    26019 Smile Border Collie Hirotsugu Takahashi flyoff on the seesaw and fell off the dogwalk right at the downside so it counts as a missed contact, a missed A-frame down contact, bar down, recovered for nice finish 39.94

    26030 Cap Border Collie Robert Yi clear through Aframe, almost got a refusal on #14 to #15, recovered, impressive! 31.58

    26033 Maze Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy man, it's quiet in here, now cheering after the clean dogwalk, front cross before A-frame and weaves, missed weave entry, tight serp at end 35.16

    26038 Brody Border Collie Jim Aitken bar down at #3, run quiet, steady, and managed 32.60

    26011 Aiko Border Collie Susan Cochran pushing hard of the seesaw and really fast dogwalk, nice A-frame with air but still contacts, back cross at weaves, serpentine closing 31.33

    26104 Soda Border Collie Jen Pinder fast dogwalk, wide out of chute, blind cross at A-frame, tight turn into weaves 32.77

    26113 Whip Border Collie Susan Tovino nicely managed dogwalk, got some lateral distance to A-frame, beautiful contacts, back cross to #13, front cross after the weaves, 32.76

    26119 Spree Border Collie Ann Braue little dog jumping a big height, front cross before the A-frame and the handler nearly hurt herself, great push to #18, bar down right before the end 32.46

    26083 E-Z Border Collie Mary Ellen Barry bar down at #2, miscommunication at the #6 jump (you have to see it to believe it!) but they saved it, back cross at the landing side of #18 33.93

    26088 Pickle Border Collie Alicia Nicholas aggressive call back from #7 jump, front cross at bottom of A-frame, front before weaves, sent dog wide 31.86

    26052 BreeSea Border Collie Elicia Calhoun escorts to the #6 jump front crosses after #7, big effort through tire, back cross tightly through handling side of #14 31.55

    26046 Jive Border Collie Carrie Jones escorts to #6, tightens turn to #7, blind cross down side of A-frame, wide front into weaves, serp closing 31.46

    26105 Jester Border Collie Daisy Peel called for flyoff on seesaw, crowd unhappy, blind cross down side of A-frame, front cross to weaves, lateral send to #18, front cross #19 31.72

    26100 Zippity Border Collie Denise Thomas bar down #7, missed the weave entry, front cross after the weaves, sent the dog wide 34.54

    26017 Icon Border Collie Channan Fosty nice job cuing out of tunnel for 180, clear through A-frame, front cross after A-frame and again before weaves, lateral send to the serp at the ending 31.83

    26118 Slick Border Collie Lisa Marie Bowers cues a tight turn back to 180 and gets it, front cross before the A-frame, pushing out to 180, back crosses the weaves, 33.13

    26121 Focus Border Collie Geri Hernandez almost missed the #6 but saved the 180, clean over the dogwalk, stays on landing side of #14, front cross after the weaves, serp closing wide 31.82

    26005 Scream Border Collie Ann Braue good job cuing the 180, beautiful dogwalk, blind cross after A-frame, front cross to the weave poles, lateral send to #18 serp closing 30.80

1 Scream
2 Aiko
3 Jive
4 BreeSea
5 Cap
6 Focus
7 Icon
8 Pickle
9 Whip


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