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Qualifying scores now awarded in Team/Versatility Pairs individual classes of gamblers, jumpers, snooker and standard.

As subscribers, you may have noticed that your dog suddenly has been awarded a "Q" in one or more of the Team/PVP classes held in September and October.  What's up?

In addition to Top Ten Points, Lifetime Achievement Qs will be awarded for the individual classes in Team and Versatility Pairs tournaments.  These "Q's" will count in the overall number needed for each level:  Bronze-150, Silver-250, Gold-350 and Platinum-500.  There is no change to the requirement for Team/PVP tournament qualifications needed for ADCH/APD, and the Lifetime Achievement "Q's" awarded in the individual classes will not count toward tournament qualifications needed for the ADCH/APD.  All tournaments held in September and October have been reviewed and qualifying scores added to the results.

The normal test class qualification criteria will not be applied to theses classes since jumpers and standard are scored time plus faults and there are no minimum points required in gamblers or snooker for these classes.  Qualifying scores will be determined using criteria and calculation methods utilized in determining the maximum qualifying score for Steeplechase Regional Championships - the top 15%.  For gamblers and snooker, there will be a minimum qualifying score determination made using the points earned.

Worksheets are being supplied to each secretary so that competitors may see at the event whether a Lifetime Achievement Q has been earned (final review of all scoring is accomplished at the USDAA office upon receipt of results).

The USDAA Advisory Board made the recommendation earlier this year that implementation begin with the 2009 tournament season.


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