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Long Jump and Tire Jump Specifications

Long Jump and Tire Jump specifications meet construction snags.  Implementation dates have been delayed.

At its 2008 meeting, the USDAA Board adopted new specifications for the long jump and approved in concept the voluntary use of a "breakaway tire".  In working with equipment providers and individual clubs, a few issues on construction design have arisen.  As a result, further study is presently underway to refine the construction specifications to accommodate the concerns.

For the Long Jump, construction suggestions will be forthcoming in the next four to six weeks.  The mandatory implementation date has been rolled back to July 1, 2009, with earlier use encouraged, once the new construction guidelines are out.  In the meantime, the old long jump specifications may be utilized.  Clubs needing to acquire new long jumps should hold off and acquire those meeting the new specifications only. 

For the Tire Jump, the breakaway tires that have been seen do not meet acceptable specifications.  They create too many judging issues.  The Board has taken the tact that the "break" should occur only when a risk of injury exists, and not casually, as other prototypes have shown.  Further, a casual break has shown in tests to create lazy jumping in some dogs, thus increasing safety concerns and integrity in judging.  Again, we anticipate tests to be concluded and specifications rendered in four to six weeks time frame.  The tire will be usable once it becomes available.  The performance characteristics and judging shall remain unchanged from the tire's present function.  Allowing for the break upon hard impact is for safety concerns only. 



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