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How well do you know the USDAA rules?

All readers of the USDAA Web site are eligible to compete in this "open rulebook" contest, sponsored by Genuine Dog Gear (  The winner, selected at random from all correct entries received during the contest period, will receive a one month free subscription to the USDAA Web site, which includes subscriber-only articles, the ability to track your dog's progress toward titles, the chance to see how your dog ranks within his breed regionally and nationally, and much more.

For consideration in the contest, entries must be received by midnight EST December 19, 2008.  Please include the question numbers and answers within the body of an email, including your name, current USDAA subscriber log in name if you have one, the USDAA number of one of your dogs if you don't have a log in name, or your name, address, email address, and phone number if you don't have a dog registered with USDAA. 

The USDAA Subscriber News Page editor's determination of correct answers and random selection of the winner will be final.  Please send entries to (a different email for the sake of this contest). 

Good luck!

1. What is the abbreviation for Relay Champion?
D. There is no relay championship.

2. The Master Snooker Class is open to dogs who have achieved at least:
A. An Advanced Snooker title
B. An Advanced Agility Dog title
C. Two qualifying scores in the Advanced Snooker class prior to January 1, 2004
D. All of the above
E. A and B only

3. What is the abbreviation for the Accomplished level Snooker title?

4. If you take a class on Monday and the instructor is judging a trial on Saturday, can you compete under that person on that day?
A. Yes
B. No
C. It depends on whether you are related to the judge
D. This is not addressed in the rules

5. How many Agility Top Ten points would you earn if you placed first in Master Standard Agility out of a class of 7 dogs?
A. 3
B. 1
C. 5
D. none

6. In electronic timing, the first and last obstacles are always the start and finish lines.
A. True
B. False

7. In Gamblers, what is the other name for the distance-control closing period more commonly known as the "gamble?"
A. there is no other name
B. jester
C. send
D. joker

8. How old must a dog be to be registered with USDAA?
A. 6 months
B. 12 months
C. 18 months
D. 24 months

9. The closing date for acceptance of entries into an agility test is no less than ____ days prior to the first day of a test weekend.
A. 14
B. 7
C. 21
D. 10

10. If the maximum number of agility obstacles are used in a course design, what is the minimum size the course area should be?
A. 10,000 square feet
B. 12,000 square feet
C. 5,000 Square feet
D. 8,000 Square feet

Good luck!


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