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Spring Festival Beats the Odds

Saturday runs smooth, as forecasts fall short. Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping provide climax to the day.

The looming thunderstorms of Friday proved to reduce themselves to early morning showers, permitting Saturday to get underway much as originally scheduled. The day was filled with titling classes and was concluded with the ever-popular Steeplechase Final Round, following conclusion of activities in other rings. The course proved to be challenging, with its subtleties wreaking havoc with many handlers. Hurdles #16-#18 left many shaking their heads, though commenting that it was an exciting course. While some may contend that assessment, the audience did not. It was seldom predictable which dog would fall victim, while at the same time watching handlers react in different ways, sometimes overhandling and thus presenting their own problems.

Below are the resuls for top winners in the Steeplechase and the Performance Speed Jumping final rounds. In Performance Speed Jumping, the placements were determined on the basis of cumulative scoring, rather than as a standalone round score. For a complete listing of results in these and other classes, log-in to the Subscriber Services area and click on "Results" for the Spring Festival of Dog Agility. Results should be posted by April 29.

Dog Agility Steeplechase? Winners
12" Class
1Janelle JulyanEve36.07
2Jan PerryGracie Allen40.85
1Renee KingHamlet34.20
2Ginsey NicklesCoup37.02
1Renee HopeStalker30.03
2Rhonda CarterScout31.17
3Donna RohausCap31.42
1Bridget McKnightKestrel31.02
2Barb DeMascioRevel31.66
3Lisa FlowersDilemma32.14
Performance Speed Jumping Winners
1Lois MarkCricket95.72
2Janelle JulyanZippy108.69
12" - All Eliminated
1Sue TovinoBlu70.15
2John ReidEdge77.70
3Laura SlusherZoe158.38
1Nancy BurnapDuncan74.51
2Diane CastleTenor86.65
3Rosie SutherlandTod88.61


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