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Get Even Healthier!

Check out more handler health tips provided by our readers (continued from yesterday)!

Get in your best agility shape with the help of these fitness ideas:

Eat organic; not only is it healthy it is expensive that means you can't eat as much.

Eat several small meals a day; I eat five meals a day and so I never get hugely hungry.

If you are eating for emotional reasons, address those emotional reasons; therapy works.

Work out every day.  Don't just run agility; work with a personal trainer to have a routine designed for you to address your specific needs.

Make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.  There are certain things I never do: I never eat fast food (and I only eat fried food a couple times a year).  Every day at every meal I make healthy choices.

Understand that you crave what you eat.  If you eat it, you will crave it.  If you do not eat it, you won't crave it.

Do not deny yourself anything you really want but don't eat a lot of it.
Fade sugar; sugar feeds cancer.  Sugar suppresses your immune system.  Sugar is in everything.  Do not eat low fat foods; 
they simply replace the fat with sugar.  Read labels. 

No soft drinks ever.  Soft drinks are sugar water.  Artificial sweeteners still cause you to want sweet which is intrinsically the problem.

Drink lots of water.

Angelica Steinker
Lutz, Florida

If you and your dog need to lose a few pounds, firm up and tone a good rule of thumb is double the exercise, half the food.

Leave your joint supplement with your dogs joint supplements so as to remember to take them!

Use your evening couch time as a good time to get into the habit of stretching!  You can do all kinds of beneficial stretching while watching TV.

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts

Unfortunately, 36 seconds in the ring does not constitute a cardio workout. And while we all improve our distance skills in order to stay in front of our canine partners, it's not enough. Put on those Nikes and run.

Ginny Cappello
Redding, Connecticut

Arrive early and park as far away from agility or obedience class as you can, and walk around the building or site twice before going to class.

Susan Mann
Landenberg, Pennsylvania

If your dog is pulling on his leash, you're not moving fast enough.

Rhonda A. Koeske
Windsor, Ontario

USDAA is committed to helping improve the health of agility handlers.  If you have more health tips or would like to write an article about health, fitness, or your journey to get in shape for agility, please contact the editor at

**** is not a substitute for medical care and advice. Please check with your doctor before doing exercises or changing your diet.


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