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An update on bugs and fixes on

The new web site and database roll out that occurred at the end of September involved a complete restructuring of the web site backend and our database in order to facilitate future features, as well as included a new Competitor Services section, which also includes the old Subscriber Services section. These changes will lead to more timely information reporting and additional services for competitors and groups through their respective areas of the Web site over coming months.

Everyone with a dog registered with USDAA now has a free account for accessing and maintaining your personal information and registration.  You must set up a username and password to begin accessing this information.  Those competitors with subscriber accounts use the same log-in screen, but will have subscriber features available to them that those without a subscriber account will not. Those persons who are new to USDAA and wish to register their dog with USDAA must sign-up as a First Time Registrant and then log-in to register the dog.  Purchasing access to 'Subscriber Services' is also done after logging in. 

As a Competitor or Subscriber, if you are having trouble logging in, please be sure that you have Cookies enabled in your browser setting.  If you have your Privacy settings set to block cookies, you will not be able to log in.  Also, both user name and password are case sensitive.  Be sure you are keying them in properly.  Be sure CAPS LOCK is not set on, unless of course you have all caps in your user name and password. 

As of today, the following site problems have been reported and are on the developer's "fix-it" list:

  • Security Certificate alerts received when trying to login.  This occurs when the full URL is not used. The Security Certificate is in the name of  If you are using, you will get the alert.  It does not mean there is a virus or other threat present, but the Certificate does not recognize the site reference.  You should be sure you are using the full URL until this issue is resolved.
  • Some supporting information pages to the Special Events section of the Web site jump to the wrong links.
  • Top Ten Award rankings are not being updated.
  • Tournament Top Ten are not being updated or reported.
  • Performance Tournament Top Ten does not appear. 

Recently resolved issues:

  • The event listing to select an event for results in a prior year does not allow sorting. Clicking a column heading for a prior year in order to sort by club or location causes the list to revert to the current year list of events. This has been resolved.
  • General site page response time and performance issues.  These issues have generally been resolved.  There will continue to be refinements in this area over the next 30 days.  If any issues are encountered by users, please report to
  • Dog results tab was not responding properly for subscribers.  This has been resolved.
  • Title Qualifications Earned rankings in Subscriber area were not sorting correctly. This has been resolved.
  • Event Calendar is not showing tentative judging assignments (i.e., judge and class).  Until this display is resolved, check the Agility Test Schedule for tentative assignments once it becomes available. This has now been resolved. 

The following items are among a number of administrative area issues that may impact information or the timing of information available on the Web site.

  • Data entry of show results was rounding some scores to nearest integer on August events.  Qualifications were being properly recorded, but some scores were not accurately reported.  Show results data entry were halted for three days while fixes were installed.  This issue resulted in data entry falling behind schedule by one week.  This issue has been resolved and data entry resumed October 29. Staffing is being increased beginning November 1 to step up data entry on show results.
  • Title procedures are being recoded to draw upon a new database structure.  The person's name or names to appear on title certificates will be a separate field. Changes to processing procedures are to be completed by end of October, with delays of titles calculated and issued as a result.  Staffing is being increased beginning November 1 to catch up on title processing by end of 2009.
  • The Group Services section is being tested in operations by administrative staff for processing current pending event applications and class scheduling.  The Group Services section will be opened to groups over a period of three or four months starting in December.
  • When accessing Top Ten information, any option selected will bring up current year standings, rather than the information requested.

An often asked question is the role of Authorized Handler for a dog.  In the next few months we will roll out features that will utilize this information. If you wish someone else to have access to your dog results, or to enter your dog in an event with them as handler, you would authorize them to do so in this section.  Otherwise, it is of little consequence, other than to highlight that you have certain legal responsibility and liability when you pass your dog off to another person and should some incident occur while someone else has the care, custody, and control of your dog.  More information will be published on this section in coming months.

If you find any other issues, please report these to  Please provide us the URL, a copy of any error message, and a description of what you did when the problem arose. Providing specific information will permit a more expedient resolution. 

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding for processing delays for show results and titles, along with any other difficulties that might arise as we seek to bring you better service for the future.


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