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updated 8/12 with Steelechase & Team results

Three down and three to go! On Course Agility played host to the third (thanks to being East of Rainier) Regional Championship at Wheaton, Illinois in the Danada Forest Preserve. Judge Karen Gloor from Arizona designed a Round 2 course that proved to be a good test of the competitors' skills. In the 26" height class Linda Mecklenburg and Border Collie Stellar ran the 191-yard course in 36.99 seconds without fault (SCT = 52 seconds). Placing second was Kathleen Wells and Border Collie Dory with a time of 38.12 seconds while Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Able, a Border Collie ran the course in 39 second flat while incurring no faults. Placing first in the 22" height class was Terry Smorch and BC Remy who posted the fastest time overall and without a fault with a time of 33.64 seconds. Second place went to L. Flowers with BC Dilemma while the third-place slot was filled by S. Rolek and Elan with a time of 37.63 seconds - both running clear.

In the mini division, Susan Garrett and JRT Decaff posted a time of 37.62 seconds with no faults in the 16" height class. K. Clarkson and Puppy and T. Williamson and Spree also had clear rounds with 30.02 and 41.08 seconds, respectively. Standard course time for the 16" class was 58 seconds on the 186-yard course. The 12" height class which was dominated by Jack Russells was won by Dana Pike and Maybie, a JRT, who turned in a clear round in 40.36 seconds while the SCT was 61 seconds. Joining Dana in the winners circle waas E. Diehl and JRT Kelli and L. Knowles with her JRT, Maddy. For other semifinalists, click here.

First place finishers in the Dog Agility Steeplechase Regional qualifier were Susan Garrett and Twister in the 12" class with a score of 30.13; Diane Sanders and JRT Ace in the 16" class with a score of 30.07; Linda Mecklenburg and BC Awesome in the 22" class with a score of 26.91 and in the 26" class it was Kim Anderson and BC Dare with a score of 28.08. Complete second round results can be found by clicking here.

Barking Spyders (Gerhard & AUS Spyder, Rohaus & BC Cap and Wells & BC Houston) found themselves in first place in the Dog Agility Masters Team Tournament qualifier with 1324.93 points, followed closely in second place by Mecklenburg & BC Awesome, Hope & BC Cloud 9 and Topps & BC Juice with 1300.87 points while the third place team comprised of Dyer & BC Reilly, S. Lemche & SS Banchor and C. Lemche and BC Tory came in with 1281.25 points. Each of these teams was separated by a little over 20 points in the final standings. For a complete listing of teams and points accumulated, click here.


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