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Luka the Pyrenean Shepherd!

In another effort to get some insider information right before the USDAA Cynosport Games, I have contacted my friend Luka, the Pyrenean Shepherd who competes with handler Ashley Deacon. Luka is a very humble dog. He is not one to brag much, but I found out that, for Luka, treats are the big reward for winning over and over again in the sport of agility. Apparently the ribbons and other human awards earned for winning the 2008 Steeplechase and gettingĀ second in the 2008 Grand Prix weren't that important to Luka at all!

Rickie Roo (RR): Luka, I'm new to the Cynosports games, but from my friends I've heard you won something really big at the Games last year. What was that?

Luka (L): Last year I won a big beef marrow bone and half a carton of Ben and Jerry's vanilla ice cream. It was hot, so that was a special treat. We also got to run really fast under the floodlights... there was lots of cheering and I won a big slice of steak.

RR: Have you won other stuff at the Cynosport Games?

L: I always win top quality treats at the Cynosport Games. I'm not a hot weather dog, so I always love it when I win ice cream.

RR: What do you enjoy about USDAA agility?

L: Games, games, games and all that variety. There's always something different going on.

RR: What class is your favorite to compete in?

L: Anything with contacts and tunnels. Also Gamblers with a time gamble.

RR: Which is your handler's favorite class?

L: Grand Prix, and he has a love/hate relationship with Snooker. He loves strategy.

RR: What are you doing this week to prep for the games?

L: A few contacts, some fetch, and lots of rest.

RR: What is your favorite thing about the Cynosport Games?

L: The floodlights...

RR: Do you have any advice to share with new pups to this big party?

L: It's a party, so make some noise and have fun.

Leaping Luka! Photo by Dog Gone Digital, Reg Shaffer,

Bur-Way It's Like This "Rickie Roo" is a two-year-old Rat Terrier who will be competing in Cynosports agility for the first time (PVP). She is loved and handled by Deborah Davidson Harpur of Harbor City, California. She earns her kibble as canine ambassador for the Active Care line of dog food by Breeder's Choice and for


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