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COURSE ANALYSIS: Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Another fast and fun course! By Clair Lofthouse

The Quarterfinal course for the Performance Grand Prix this year looked like a very fun course to run.

There was a really efficient line over the first two jumps to the A-frame which would give the handlers a chance to lead out and get ahead of their dog a little before getting to the more complicated parts.

Coming off of the A-frame, handlers took jump #4 and were faced with a tricky turn after that to jump #5. Most people chose to use a front cross here, however, there were a few different moves used to varying degrees of success. These two jumps led to a fast moving loop around to the chute. Then there was an interesting path through jumps #9 through #12. For the dogs that needed to be checked back a bit, handlers chose to do a few consecutive front crosses. Those that were more adventurous did rear crosses and let their dogs run out in front of them.

Throughout the entire course there was a consistent theme of succeeding jumps set on vertical lines to the preceeding jumps. This brought a level of toughness to an otherwise very smooth course. There were really no "trouble spots," just basic mistakes. All of the dogs running looked like they were having the time of their lives. This course was most definately a fun experience for both dog and handler.

Clair Lofthouse is currently enrolled as a junior at Westlake High School in California. She loves running her Shetland Sheepdog, Rugby in agility, plays guitar, and writes her own songs.  She also rides horses in dressage and jumping. Clair would like to someday write a book and become independently wealthy. Contact Clair at


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