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Friday's technical issues thought to be resolved. Live streams Saturday to be free.

The web site got pounded on Friday, causing the site to lock up repeatedly.  We certainly shared the frustration of many hopeful viewers as we had the whole web/broadcast team working to isolate the problems. 

Friday night, we had determined that dual CPUs were needed and the hosting provider installed dual CPUs, which seemed to resolve many of the issues before end of Friday's webcast of the Performance Grand Prix.  Many viewers were able to pick up the 22" class final round. 

We are hopeful that similar problems will not recur on Saturday. Because of the technical difficulties, tonight's web stream of the Dog Agility Steeplechase will be broadcast free.  Anyone who had purchased the live streams from yesterday or today will be issued refunds.  Please allow until November 20 for the refund to post. 

We thank everyone for their interest and will strive to make improvements throughout the weekend.

Please report any difficulties to


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