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Saturday, November 14, 2009
Perf. Speed Jumping Finals

 8": 6 competitors

P08014 Newman Shetland Sheepdog Lori Sage  front cross in closing 44.98  

P08020 Amoco Shetland Sheepdog Brad Pelton  13.5 years old! weave problem, ran by A-frame and took it backward, recovered well 49.42  

P08010 Judy All Breed Adrienne McLean    fast little girl, they are driving, 39.30

P08019 Megan Jack Russell Terrier Linda Knowles   lateral send out to chute, fast, missed A-frame contact, oh no! 35.65 so five faults

P08018 Boomer Miniature Pinscher Kerry Bowden ran with dog from start, good GRIEF FLYING, crowd is WILD, 38.17  

P08026 Taboo Papillon Melissa Henning  amazing weave entry, crowd loves it, front cross in the closing 33.48

12": 8 competitors

P12033 Hustle Jack Russell Terrier Elizabeth Diehl   fast, excited, BARKING, missed weave entry at 14, oh, problems with jump after A-frame 40.10

P12040 Chase Shetland Sheepdog Deborah McBride    wow, fast, FAB weave entry on 14, crowd loves it, 33.91

P12058 Blink Shetland Sheepdog John Nys running start, like a slingshot, revved up start, handler crossed behind chute, man, everybody looks great, oh, missed contact on A-frame so add five seconds to 35.37  

P12059 Piper Shetland Sheepdog Dorothy Fujimura fast and went off course to the tunnel 35.36  

P12043 Juneau Shetland Sheepdog Julie Griffin    bobble from weaves to tunnel, yikes, but held on. Darn, missed weave entry, had trouble restarting, dog is very talented 44.43

P12057 Spec Shetland Sheepdog Jean Lavalley    the crowd cheers for Spec before she even starts! spin before the tunnel, rear cross at chute, 35.13

P12052 Jayci Shetland Sheepdog Melissa Henning    won with Taboo, now here's Jayci also running well, front cross on down side of A-frame 34.01

P12036 Chip Papillon Janice Taylor fast, great weave entry, ran by tunnel entrance but man he was doing so well, just couldn't see it because she was on the other side... 36.13


3 Spec 2 Jayci 1 Chase

16": 10 competitors

P16118 Dia Australian Shepherd Sally Josselyn wrong end of tunnel so wrong course, picked up fast, missed #14 weave entry, great finish 42.41  

P16057 Roxy All Breed Cassandra Schmidt  fast, great handling, rear cross and serpentine closing wow!31.63 

P16004 Qwik Border Collie Stuart Mah Lots of cheers for Qwik! awesome push out to chute, how is this dog 10 years old? oh! Missed down A-frame 31.62 five faults  

P16076 Maggie Australian Cattle Dog Crystal McClernon Also ran in performance grand prix, wow, a Rocket! lots of distance 32.15

P10690 Hope Border Collie Shauna Gourley Led out to weave, oh, missed the chute, 34.65

P16110 Kit Kat Border Collie Loretta Vojtech    dog on left to weaves, incredible smooth distance, staying inside A-frame, 32.40 great run

P16109 Disco Border Collie Kim James    Dog on right for opening, this dog won performance grand prix last night, oh, missed weave entry at 14! too bad, so good, 34.12

P16083 Trigger Border Collie Ann Croft    smooth start oh no, missed the push to the chute so run by there, 34.95

P16136 Visa Border Collie Tim Vojtech    missed first weave entry, rest going well, jumps early 34.08

P16047 Nike Border Collie Robert Gutierrez  missed weave entries both times, otherwise good although the poor handler slipped TWICE 40.51


3  Kit Kat 2 Maggie 1  Roxy

22": 8 competitors

P22031 Kestrel Border Collie Claudia Bates    handler pulled entire line out to chute, managed weaves, handler is careful, nice run 33.39

P22040 Dan Border Collie David Skvorak    Missed A-frame, otherwise nice but major collection at weaves lost time 41.39

P22015 Gidget Labrador Retriever Diane Baley   Wow, big Lab, running smooth, handler setting dog up well, front cross down on A-frame 34.43 

P22046 Rusty Australian Shepherd Naci Berkoz    Missed weave entry and wasted time fixing, so smooth afterward, front cross into closing ran by next-to-last jump oh rats on  that! 42.10

P22003 Sprint Flat-Coated Retriever Teresa Rodney    Great team so far, wow, front cross closing 33.21

P22027 Riggs Border Collie Elizabeth Armstrong    led out past jump 2, push way out to chute, great collection, missed weave entry #14 serp close, 37.12 

P22057 Pyro Belgian Malinois Lisa Dewey    Wow, so smooth and fast! nailing weave entry, wide turn at end 33.06

P22010 Dewley Border Collie Patty Drom  Opening on left, accelerated to chute, dog got snagged a tad in the chute but pushing hard, 30.84

3 Sprint  2 Pyro  1  Dewley


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