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**PLAY-BY-PLAY: Grand Prix Finals**

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ring 1: Grand Prix Finals

12": 10 competitors

12030 Julien Papillon Naotsugu Nakao

Speedy dog, smooth run 35.52

12048 Radar Poodle (Miniature) Susan Gross

oh, wrong tunnel entrance , rear crossed last obstacle 39.93

12049 Win Pembroke Welsh Corgi Minako Tokuda

sliding contact on seesaw, missed downside contact on dogwalk, rear crossed chute and #18 35.15 but 10 faults

12007 Dobby Jack Russell Terrier Greg Louganis

missed contact on A-frame, something else went wrong by the teeter, weaves great, nice finish 35.65

12038 Eve Pembroke Welsh Corgi Janelle Julyan

Good run so far for Eve, she's running clean and it seems that the handler is careful, rear crossed chute, front crossed in closing 35.40 takes the lead

12008 Letti Cardigan Welsh Corgi Shelley Permann

Nice distance, oh, missed down contact on the dogwalk, rear crossed the chute, oh,  handler problem at #18 caused a wrong course39.02

12015 Copine Shetland Sheepdog Suzanne Labrie

Flying along, barking too! Front crossed before chute 33.05

12017 Whim Jack Russell Terrier Katherine Elliott

Another fast and furious team (and barkers too), rear crossed the chute, front crossed before #18 32.47

12004 Masher Papillon Daneen Fox

Wow, what an awesome running dogwalk, beautiful run 30.78

12043 Devo Papillon Marcus Topps

They are pushihng, ohhhhh, left the seesaw early, also missed dogwalk contact, refusal on the weaves, left them to finish nicely 35.41

3  Copine 2 Whim 1  Masher

16": 16 competitors

16053 Bailey Australian Shepherd Jodi Thurman

Nice running A-frame, maybe a bit conservative, Bailey barks in the weaves! Rear cross at chute and #18 32.39

16009 Moose Parson Russell Terrier Crystal McClernon

Missed down contact on the dogwalk; Oh, problems at the weaves, eliminated 34.61     

16095 Export All Breed Tracy Sklenar

smooth start, nice distance, little quick stop on the contact, rear cross at chute and #18 32.71

16110 Jib Poodle (Miniature) Suzi Cope

beautiful dogwalk, rear at chute, front cross between 316 and #17, bobble at end but recovered without faults 34.91

16027 Rock-It Shetland Sheepdog Barbara Davis

Jump #2 down, very independent weaves, blind cross after chute and front cross at #18 34.21

16032 Miles Shetland Sheepdog Pam Bates

bar 2 down, missed contacts seesaw and dogwalk, problem at chute, nice ending 37.74

16058 Neil Shetland Sheepdog Joan Meyer

front cross at end of teeter to avoid any chance of fly off, front cross before chute and ran on same side through closing 33.76

16055 Breeze Shetland Sheepdog Anne Stocum

This little sheltie jumps big! ohhh no, teeter fly off, really great A-frame before it, same side through the closing 32.64

16090 Siesta Shetland Sheepdog Barbara Bicksler

dog slid but stuck the teeter, this run is going really well, rear cross on flat between #18 and #19 32.61

16005 Jaguar Poodle (Miniature) Takayuki Suzuki

Missed the down contact on the A-frame and fly off on teeter and missed dogwalk contact too, great weaves, 31.58

16018 Bode Shetland Sheepdog Lori Michaels 

missed the dogwalk down contact, several more errors, handler recovered for nice finish 31.65

16054 Mickle Shetland Sheepdog Maureen Waldron

crowd cheers for the running A-frame and dogwalks!  barely got out of the dogs way right before the chute while doing the front cross 31.61

16017 Luka Pyrenean Shepherd Ashley Deacon

front crossed before teeter, hesitate in the dogwalk contact a touch, pushes the rest of the way, same side ending, wow! 30.35

16069 Taser All Breed Jen Pinder 

Great contacts, rear cross chute, oh man, she was flying and bobbled at #18, caused the dog to back jump and eliminated 30.61

JUDGE CHANGE - Scott Chamberlain is injured (pulled hamstring) and Tom Kula filled in

16093 Manja Shetland Sheepdog Anne Kajava 

Wow fast dogwalk, majorly independent weaves, wide through closing 30.79 

16011 Dylan Rat Terrier Angie Benacquisto

fast dogwalk, huge run, really pushing 30.56


3 Manja 2 Dylan 1 Luka

 22": 24 competitors

22181 Rumble Border Collie Jeannette Hutchinson

nice job, great running contacts, rear cross at chute, rear cross at chute 30.84     

22108 Woody Border Collie Linda Smith

offset lead out (out by the #3 obstacle), first one we have seen, missed down dogwalk contact, refused tunnel 32.92

22083 Jester Border Collie Daisy Peel

nice sliding seesaw, missed down on the dogwalk front cross sort of thing before #18 31.29

26115 Encore Border Collie Susan Garrett

knocked #7, great lines from weaves to chute, closing went wrong and backjumped the last jump, no time

22033 Kona Border Collie Diana Wilkins

back cross #9 jump and chute and #18, smooth 31.97

22235 Mick Border Collie Donna Rohaus

Missed down contact on dogwalk, wow, lots of distance at the poles, front before #19 31.05

22157 Nika Australian Shepherd Elicia Calhoun

smooth start, great running dogwalk, front before chute, front before #18 and before #19 31.47     

22098 Toby Border Collie Lauren Mitchell

missed the A-frame down contact, very careful on down on dogwalk, rest of run nice and smooth31.78

22119 Klink Border Collie Loretta Mueller

ran out of order, ran before Daisy Peel, but ran nicely 30.86

22164 Giddy Up Border Collie Claudia Bates

went off course to #1 tire from jump, recovered well 32.17

22118 Jet Border Collie Diane Sanders

conservative on contacts, did weaves on left, front cross before #18, in control and nice 31.00

22208 Pistol Pete Border Collie Rob Bardenett

sliding teeter called as fly off (crowd didn't like that), great weaves, front cross before chute 29.64

22284 Kyna Border Collie Maureen Strenfel

missed A-frame down contact, awkward ending but worked 30.26

22274 Gator Border Collie Loretta Mueller

conservative contacts, missed weave entry, nice weaving after that, bar down before chute, nice rear cross at #18 34.39     

22269 Motion Border Collie Anne Kajava

fly off on seesaw, nice distance at weaves, fast same-side ending 29.75     

22228 Pyro Border Collie Rhonda Carter 

great dogwalk, refusal after tunnel, front cross before #18 32.47

22156 Keegan Border Collie Donna Rohaus

missed dogwalk contact led to mistake at tunnel too, nice finish 36.15

22081 Dilly Border Collie Amanda Shyne

managing contacts carefully, front cross before chute, rear cross at #18 30.83     

22027 Trace Border Collie Carol Schiefer

fast teeter, fast run overall! This ties her with Kyna 30.26

22261 Revolution Border Collie Tori Self

Last night's steeplechase winner, independent weaves, so fast and amazing, NOW THERE'S A THREE WAY TIE! 30.26

22183 Ace Border Collie Nancy Gyes

Barely made the dogwalk contact and the crowd doesn't like that, but the run was top notch, not a foot out of place. 29.43

22137 Juice Border Collie Marcus Topps

Pushing, flying, rear cross chute 29.07     

22249 Rider Border Collie Susan Cochran

nice running dogwalk, rear cross at chute and #18, INCREDIBLE RUN! 28.61

22258 Slick Border Collie Steve Moon

The pressure is on! careful contacts, got them all, front before chute, same side ending 29.43


Ace Nancy's watching those contacts, and he missed the down on the dogwalk now it's a race for the finish 29.55

Slick fly off on teeter, nice distance at weaves, same side finish, five faults 29.08

3  Slick 2 Juice 1  Ryder

26": 16 competitors

26084 Skillett Belgian Malinois Kim James

same side ending, smooth 32.42

26007 Xtreme Border Collie Jenn Crank

missed down side of the dogwalk, rear cross chute, front cross "backy uppy" in closing 32.95

26046 Yankee Border Collie Terri Arnold

Offset start leading out near #3, front cross teeter, nice dogwalk contact, independent weaves, dog jumps so big, same side finish 32.31

26058 Raptor Border Collie Gerry Brown

missed dogwalk contact, independent weaves so Gerry got way ahead of dog, nice same-side finish 31.92

26001 Icon Border Collie Channan Fosty

front cross before teeter, so easy for her, great contacts, she makes it look easy 30.63

26027 Scream Border Collie Ann Braue

dog missteps somehow in the air over the triple, knocking it badly, rest of run very smooth 31.56

26038 Pickle Border Collie Alicia Nicholas

very careful A-frame contact, same for dogwalk but well done, rear cross at chute, wide at closing, r efusal at #1832.69     

26057 Kir Border Collie Katie Tolve

front cross on seesaw stopped on that contact but missed down on dogwalk, same side finish 31.42

26073 Kestrel Border Collie Bridget McKnight

good dogwalk contact but dog almost hit her there, hit the other contacts too, rear cross chute, got ahead at finish and did same side 32.05

26024 Maverick Border Collie Dudley Fontaine

beautiful A-frame contact, wow, nice running dogwalk too, rear cross chute, rear cross at #18 30.54

26066 Maze Border Collie Stacy Peardot-Goudy

nice A-frame, front cross at seesaw, she's careful with the contacts, rear cross at chute, same side finish and bobble there but she pulled it off 31.46

26006 Wonder Border Collie Linda Mecklenburg

knocked the triple, wow running dogwalk! smooth same side finish 30.91

26009 Whip Border Collie Susan Tovino

This dog is pushing it, beautiful dogwalk, great weave entry, rear cross chute, rear cross #18 30.65

26068 Presto Border Collie Terry Smorch

front cross before teeter, man they are smooth, oh missed dogwalk contact, same side finish 30.41

26039 Solar Border Collie Daisy Peel

nice A-frame, teeter, holy cow dogwalk!!!!! some kind of cross in closing, that was awesome! 29.87

26032 Drifter Border Collie Rosanne DeMascio

rear cross jump after teeter, another great dogwalk, rear cross at #18 30.61

3  Drifter 2 Maverick 1  Solar


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