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By Tania Chadwick

This was a fairly standard (no pun intended) Team Standard course.  As always, the attention to detail was important and there were a couple of spots where the devil was lurking.

*  There were several missed weave entries because handlers assumed their dogs would see the entrance.
*  Some dogs refused the #6 jump because handlers were already moving to pick up their dogs exiting the tunnel.
*  Most handlers stayed on the right side of the teeter and pushed their dogs over #12.
*  It was split on how #13 - #15 was handled.  Some kept their dogs on the left hand to send over #14 and rear crossed over #15.  Some ran to the landing side of #14 and crossed in front to pull their dogs to #15.
*  Poorly executed front crosses after #17 resulted in downed bars.

Tania Chadwick has been competing in USDAA for over 12 years and currently runs her Border Collie, Kidd, and keeps up with her 5-year-old son and 18-month-old daughter.


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