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2009 Cynosport Games Grand Prix Winners Photos

Pictures by Marty Barrett, Photography by M.

Congratulations to the 2009 Grand Prix of Dog Agility winners. Find out more about watching videos of their runs on demand here.

12"- 1st Masher/Daneen Fox, 2nd Whim/Katherine Elliot, Copine/Suzanne Labrie 16" - Luka/Ashley Deacon, Dylan/Angie Benacquisto, Manja/Anne Kajava

22"  1st Rider/Susan Cochran, 2nd Juice/Marcus Topps, 3rd Slick/Steve Moon26" 1st Solar/Daisy Peel, 2nd Maverick/Dudley Fontaine, 3rd Drifter/Rosanne DeMascio


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