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Rookie Face-Off and Junior Handler Extravaganza in Puerto Rico

An article by Sharon Gutierrez. Rain or Shine, Here we go!!! Puerto Rico Agility Team, Inc. Is Ready...

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, better known for its beautiful beaches and the hospitality of its people. Though most US agility competitors don't even know it, this little island (only 100 by 35 miles) has been hosting USDAA agility trials for about a decade. Although the sport had a very good acceptance from the start, its development has taken a lot of time and effort. Five years ago, trials used to be few and far between (less than one a year) and very small (under 10 dogs). Now almost three years after the development of the Puerto Rico Agility Team (PRAT, Inc.), we are proud to say that things in the Puerto Rico agility world are very different, as evidenced by PRAT's latest accomplishments.

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