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Agility Loses One of Its Hardest Workers

John Nunes will be sorely missed in northern California and beyond.

On February 15, 2010, the agility community of northern California lost an extraordinary member, John Nunes. Although he was only in the sport for a decade, he jumped right in and made a big splash.

In 2000, John was introduced to dog agility. He loved training his dogs and being with his agility friends. He loved the sport so much he built his own agility field from a bumpy, weedy horse pasture. Over the years, John's field has become one of the very best places to run agility in Northern California.

John took great pride in Nunes Agility Field (NAF). He relished having USDAA trials there. For John, everything needed to be perfect: the grass, the equipment, the judges' accommodations, and the summer BBQs.
Because of his "perfect grassy fields, impeccably maintained equipment, innovative engineering designs, delicious BBQ's, the plumbing, [and] the lights at night" (to quote an appreciation ad that ran in Clean Run Magazine in March, 2008), John was awarded the prestigious Bay Team Caninetarin Award for 2007.

John was a founding member of Valley Agility Sports Team (VAST), which is based in the Modesto-Turlock area of central California, and the CEO for NAF. Both groups held USDAA events. He was also skilled in manufacturing and built all the clubs' equipment.

During John's time in the agility community, he made many friends. His funeral was held in Patterson, California, and so many people attended that it was standing room only in the church.

Farewell, our friend.  You will be missed but never forgotten.

Photo by Carlene Chandler.
Thank you to Carlene Chandler and Jim Basic for their contributions to this article.


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