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Little changes go a long way!

Last week, I posted about how sometimes it works better to get healthier by making small changes that add up over time rather than big ones that you may not be able to keep (if you missed it, read it here).

Blynn Baker, from Auburn, Washington, heeded my request to share your own tips for small adjustments that lead to big payoffs. See if any of Blynn's ideas will work for you too!

I enjoyed your comments; I too do not like the go with the flow!
My exercise budget includes the Direct TV fitness channel and specifically Gilad [Editor: Gilad has a workout show]. Weights are used for core strengthening (exercising your abs). I pre-record the episodes through my DVR and manage twice-a-week workouts (three times in a week is a major accomplishment!). I can link together his half hour workouts to make 45 minute sessions all in the privacy of my own home.

The other thing I am building on is sprinting around the fields on the property I live on. The dogs often stand and look at me to do something while out in the field so I more often than not jog around the field and include some short, repeated sprinting exercises. They bark, of course, on my change of direction, but hey, it's a good laugh!
Eating more fruits and vegetables while at my day job is a big help. A friend and I bought matching Vita-Mixes [blenders] at the fair in 2009 (there was a discount for buying two) and have had fun at mixing up new fruit smoothie concoctions. It has a ton of healthy uses. I am very lucky that I live very, very near an agility trial site and am able to, on trial weekends, do a terrific fruit smoothie from fresh fruit, soy drink, yogurt and sometimes sugar-free coffee syrups (coconut flavor) and green wheat grass powder. Watermelon and grapes are a great natural sweetener. Yum!
These things I have been able to add to my life on a regular basis in the past six months. The biggest challenge is the gal in the office that likes to bake several times a week and bring her dishes to work!
Good luck everyone.

Send in your fitness tips to and help the USDAA community become better athletes and healthier people.


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