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Electronic scoring has arrived on the scene! And other news . . .

The first weekend in March marked the first official use of electronic scoring for titling classes in USDAA events. Tim Verrelli's Agility Trial Secretary software became the first officially Authorized Software for use in USDAA scorekeeping.  USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch attended the Pals & Paws trial in Jacksonville, Florida, to see the software debut.  

I'm as glad as anyone to see our efforts finally come to fruition. There are really some great features in the new release (version 2.23). What makes it different from past versions is that it does more than calculate and accumulate.  It includes many background features meeting USDAA specifications that reduce the likelihood of user error and validate scores against various regulations unique to the class being scored.  This will help to ensure a more accurate result being recorded and fewer errors in calculation of titles.  Additional integrated features are planned for the future. 

A long-standing requirement for scorekeeping has been the posting of scores ringside so that competitors may check their scores and query the judge as soon as possible following their round.  This practice has met resistance and debate in recent years as newcomers have found the Accumuator Score sheets to be somewhat cumbersome if not confusing.  Nonetheless, the need for posting remains.  So included as a part of the recently authorized software is a new alternative Ringside Posting Sheet. The Accumulator Score Sheets of the past are still favored by some, but for others, they may find this new posting sheet a real plus, at least for some classes. 

Tim Verrelli, the software's developer, says the new posting sheet will be in release  2.24 of the software. This form is an alternative to the Accumulator sheet, and is preprinted by the scoring software. At the Pals & Paws trial, competitors liked this new form of immediate score posting in running order, but did not like it as much for classes where ranking is important (like Snooker, where super Qs are sought). In those cases, the Accumulator Score Sheet was preferred, as scores are posted in score ranking order, rather than the running order. Time will tell, but more than likely both scoring forms may find favor as they each serve a purpose.

In other news, an event you won't want to miss is the Spring Festival simulcast events, where competitors in a Mid-Atlantic Showcase hosted in Fredricksburg, Virginia compete against competitors in the South Central US hosted in San Antonio, Texas at the Rose Palace.  Both events close March 12.  The trials both offer full titling and tournaments over three days, with a special Showcase class offering special Spring Festival trophies provided by USDAA and other prizes and the host clubs.  The events are being held the first weekend of April as three-day events in San Antonio, Texas, at the San Antonio Rose Palace, and the other at the Fredricksburg Field House in Fredricksburg, Virginia. The Showcase will be simulcast on free of charge. If not participating in the events, watch the competitors of the mid-Atlantic region compete against those in the South Central Region Showcase finals.  For more information, visit the USDAA events calendar here:

If you have any questions about USDAA updates, please contact Brenna Fender at Thanks!


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