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What to do when your records don't match what's posted on the USDAA site.

Question: What do I do if I find that a score is not correctly recorded?
Answer: USDAA strongly encourages competitors to check their scores immediately following their run at a trial to see if everything is tabulated correctly.  If not, then a the scorekeeper should be notified right away so that a correction can be made. This allows there to be a timely query of the judge or scribe if appropriate.  Keep in mind that, in the case of a query to the judge, the more time that lapses, the less likely that he or she will remember the round and be able to correct a situation.  The competitor should then check the final posting of the score and be sure the records have been updated.
If you miss something at the show and are a subscriber to the USDAA Web site data services, you should log in and check your score once it is posted online.  If the error isnt caught by the office review process, you may find that your title is not awarded when you might expect it.  The USDAA office performs a top level review of qualifying and placement results, and checks are made as results are recorded. But as with any system, an occasional error, though rare, could go undetected for some time.
Should you find an error has slipped through the cracks, you only need to contact the USDAA office and they will check the paperwork and make any mechanical corrections.  Unfortunately, only rarely can they resolve an error that is not reflected in the paperwork, so it is highly advised that you check each of your scores as a matter of routine at the show right after your run.  Under USDAA Regulations, the competitor is permitted viewing access to scores ringside immediately following each run.  A new policy statement has been published now that electronic scorekeeping is permitted (on the web in the Forms & Documents Library), and ringside posting of scores following each run is still required.  Another policy to note: detailed scribe sheets are to be retained only for a year, so don't procrastinate in making such queries. 
When submitting an inquiry to the office be sure to include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Dog's name
  • Dog's registration number
  • Dog's jump height
  • Name of club hosting the event
  • Date of event
  • Class and level in question
  • Details regarding the missing or errant record (e.g. "I thought my dog earned a Q, but it isn't listed", or "A Q is listed for my dog at this event, but we weren't entered.")

The USDAA staff is happy to research the information and make any necessary corrections.  By providing the details listed above, that research can be accomplished more efficiently and a reply provided more quickly.


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