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Spring Festival Update from Texas Hill Country - Day 2

Second day of the event draws to a close.  Two down, one to go in the Spring Festival Triathlon.

The Jumping Class results are coming in from Texas as Day 2 draws to a close.  The course for jumpers, which is also part of the Three-Dog Team and Versatility Pairs qualifiers follows.

Performance competitors ran first with the following winners turning in great scores:

  •  8" - Joanne Lutterman and Tux, with a score of 28.04 seconds
  • 12" - Elizabeth Blanchard and Dodge, with a score of 28.49 seconds
  • 16" - Susan Brown and Jazz, with a score of 24.35 seconds
  • 22" - Joleen Eizember and Scorch, with a score of 28.54 seconds

In the Team class, the following winners were reported:

  • 22" - Gerry Brown and Raptor, with a score of 25.13 seconds
  • 26" - Gloria Wilson and Dez, with a score of 27.93 seconds
  • 12" - Megan Foster and Tommy, with a score of 27.85 seconds
  • 16" - Adrienne McLean and Jimmy, with a score of 27.55 seconds

The course for the first of three classes in the Spring Festival Triathlon was the Standard class, which is also part of the Three-Dog Team and Versatility Pairs qualifiers follows.

Leaders in the tournament through the first round, with scoring on a time plus faults basis: 

  • 12" - Stacie Greene with Tryst, finishing the course in 36.55 seconds.
  • 16" - Brittany Schaezler and Trip, finishing the course in 32.48 seconds.
  • 22" - Emily Hurt with Josefin, finishing the course in 30.22 seconds
  • 26" - Renee King and Cisco, finishing in 31.16.

In the Performance Division, the leaders are:

  •  8" - Chuck Shipman & Annie, finishing in 35.93 seconds
  • 12" - Megan Foster & Ty, finishing in 33.34 seconds
  • 16" - Diana Wilkins and Kona, finishing in 29.97 seconds
  • 22" - Joleen Eizember & Scorch, finishing in 36.13 seconds.

The afternoon will include the Jumpers class and can be seen on live on the web. Go to Log-in or register under Competitor services, and go to the video link in the left navigation bar. Then select from the two streams available and click the flash button to begin.

Sunday's web cast will kick off around 11:00 am.  Time for the final round of the triathlon will be announced.


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