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Midwest Regional Championships Results

Big weekend in Illinois culminates in more Regional finalists and semifinalists

Judge Paul Stolzenburg presided over the festivities hosted by On Course Agility July 29 - 31 with the following results:

Grand Prix Regional Championships Round 2
Open Division: 171 yds, 46 seconds
16" Height: 165 yds, 50 seconds
12" Height: 165 yds, 55 seconds

12" - 7(4)
M. MurphyBailey32.730

Previous Finalist

K. SisakPhoebe33.060

Previous Finalist

B. vanPeltonAmoco33.480

MW Finalist

E. MartinZoe35.780Semifinalist
16" - 16(8)
S. GarrettDeCaff32.750MW Finalist
T. StoneSplash34.050Semifinalist
C. HessRocko34.800Semifinalist
D. BommaritoRiker36.840Semifinalist
C. FrankKimie37.000Semifinalist
N. GeeNikki37.760Semifinalist
N. CabreraAngel40.000Semifinalist
K. WellsAustin44.100Semifinalist
22" - 25(13)
D. Schafer-KailianSinjin29.360MW Finalist
S. KlueverRansom29.970Semifinalist
D. SandersStreak30.440Semfinalist
M. BowermanSybil30.920Semifinalist
T. SmorchRemy31.370Semifinalist
M. L. HanlonSnap32.190Semifinalist
L. PerryMatilda33.990Semifinalist
C. ErnatCharm34.530Semfinalist
A. BraueDemi35.320Semifinalist
D. RohausCap30.785Semifinalist
S. MillerVixen30.915Semifinalist
N. SchrammDidi35.785Semifinalist
S. Peardot-GoudyXtra36.515Semifinalist
26" - 13(7)
B. PinderStatic30.790MW Finalist
O. ChaikoLuz31.010Semifinalist
A. BraueSpree31.380Semfinalist
W. PapeSurf31.470Semifinalist
M. MillerAustin34.880Semifinalist
S. Peardot-GoudyAble31.645Semifinalist
T. RectorInfiniti33.255Semifinalist

Performance National Standard competitors had three more seconds to complete the same course:

Open: 49 seconds
12": 53 seconds
8": 58 seconds

8" - 3(2)
D. PikeMaybie34.230First
K. GarverBailey44.620Second
12" - 6(3)
P. VermeerJedi37.260MW Finalist
J. TheobaldCallie39.440Semifinalist
R. QuinonesBobby43.660Semifinalist
16" - 11(6)
K. WellsDory36.350MW Finalist
C. ErnatOzzie38.540Semifinalist
T. StoneDasher39.580Semifinalist
S. KaiserWyatt41.220Semifinalist
C. ErnatShazta45.380Semifinalist
A. JohnsonTripp35.015Semifinalist
22" - 5(3)
D. OlsonCody38.980MW Finalist
P. FishThunder42.350Semifinalist
T. EverlineBailey41.550Semifinalist

Congratulations to all!


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