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Permanent Cards - UPDATE

The New Look - They're White!

Permanent cards are being mailed to competitors based upon the month in which the temporary card was received.  As of this date, February 2, 2011, cards received through July have been mailed.  In the next two weeks, cards received from August to the present will be processed and mailed.  By printing the cards here at the office, turn-around time will be greatly reduced in the future as we will no longer have to depend on an outside source.

Until you receive your dog's permanent card, there's a simple solution to your check-in worries.  If you are a subscriber OR if you have already set up your FREE competitor account, then all you need to do is print the page from your account indicating your dog's height status is permanent and present this printout at check-in or send with your entry as outlined in each test schedule.


If you still have your temporary card, then it will have to be presented at check-in.  If you cannot find your temporary card, a replacement should be purchased to complete the measurement process.  Please call 972/487-2200, Ext 102.  The fee is $10.

If you have not yet set up your FREE competitor account, the process is very simple.

- Click on Competitor Log-In at the top of the web site home page.
- On the next page, click on the word "HERE" in the paragraph above the log-in box and register box.  DO NOT SELECT FIRST-TIME REGISTRANTS IF YOU HAVE A DOG REGISTERED WITH USDAA.
- On the next page, select the second option.
- Fill in the information requested; last name, email address, dog's registration # (DO NOT INCLUDE THE "U" in your dog's registration number) and dog's birthdate using the following format:  xx/xx/xxxx.

The computer will send a temporary password to your email address which is also your temporary username.  Once logged in, the system will ask you for a security question.  This question is totally your choice, and there is no drop-down menu of questions from which to select.

If you have any problems signing up for your FREE competitor account, please contact Tev Brannan at 972/487-2200, Ext 104 OR Heather Smith at Ext 102.

By the way, when setting up your FREE competitor account, this would be a great time to update your contact information; email, phone number or address if needed to ensure that the permanent card and those all-important titles don't get lost.


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