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2010 Cynosport World Games Q&A (UPDATED 9/13)

We answer your questions about this year's event.

With the 2010 Cynosport World Games taking place in a new location, some competitors have questions about the event. Here are some questions that folks are asking, along with the answers. We will be adding to this article as we receive more questions with answers that might benefit other competitors. Look for an "updated date" in this article's title to let you know if new information has been added.

Please read both Q&A articles here and the entry form before emailing your question. Many of the questions we get could be answered this way.

If you have a question of your own, please contact for more information.

***Please consider volunteering at the Games. You'll get an up-close view of some of the best agility in the world! Contact Leslie Bickel at for more information.***


**The facility will have a table up during check-in for purchase of parking passes for the event.  The rate is $6/day and provides for in and out privileges for the number of days purchased.  Note that the public rate is $8.   Once in the gate, if you have a pass for following days, you will be able to enter and exit during the day without paying each time. So when you purchase your parking pass, make sure you ask for the one that covers the entire event and has in-and-out privileges, and use the PASS LANE to enter.

**If you submitted a provisional entry before attending the North Central Regional, don't forgot to email the secretary before closing and let her know which entry to process.


Q: Can I use the credit card entry form and fax my entry to the office?

A: Yes. The fax number is (972) 231-9700.

Q: Is it possible to have a contingency dog for Performance Versatility Pairs? Both my dogs are qualified for PVP, but I'm planning to enter only one. My first preference is a dog that's having surgery, since he is the more consistent performer. But if he should be unable to compete following the surgery, can I substitute my other dog (same height), or would my partner get thrown into the draw pool? What if this happens before the closing? Can partners be changed after the entry is sent in but before the closing?

A: Naming a contingency dog is not permitted under the rules.  Every year a number of dogs have to withdraw for a variety of reasons, leaving several unmatched teams/pairs.  Should this happen to you, there will likely be others to match up with you; this will be done randomly by the trial secretary. Competitors who find themselves without a partner unexpectedly should be sure the Secretary is aware of the situation as soon as possible.

Changes can be made to a team by the teammates before closing. Contact the trial secretary to do so.

Q: Given the limited indoor crating area, will there be any parking set aside for exhibitors who would rather crate in their (non-RV) vehicle? How far from the building is the exhibitor parking?

A: Crating space is not really limited. We will reallocate space if we have a larger-than-expected entry. Although we are still working on all the parking details, we do know that crating out of a vehicle may have some cons. This is a public facility and there will be other events going on. The closest parking spots are probably 100 feet or so from the buildings, and access will be shut off to some doors during show hours for security reasons.  People will be directed to use provided entry points.  Also, some entry points (not all), will be for spectators too, so congestion could slow down access. There will be no parking areas reserved for those who choose to keep their dogs in their cars. All parking information will be included in the confirmation letter.

Q: I have a dog who is scheduled for minor surgery a few days before closing. If the worst should happen and he is unable to compete, is there any (even partial) refund of the entry fee if the dog must be withdrawn for medical reasons? Does it make a difference whether this determined before or after the September 14 closing date?

A: The refund policy is addressed in the test schedule, which can be downloaded from (

Q: Since USDAA is accepting credit cards for Cynosport, is there a way to enter online or must the entry arrive via US mail?

A: There is no online entry. Please use the credit card form that is available on the last page of the entry form.

Q: My question is, can we put a substitute handler down on our entry for nationals just in case something would happen to me (ex. sprained ankle/illness)?

A: This is addressed in the tournament rules. Again, check the entry form at for more information.

Q: Will the contacts be rubberized at Cynosport?

A: No. 

Q: Will there be vendors that sell raw food available?

A: Yes. Primal Pet Foods is one of them. You might want to contact them directly to determine if they will have what you need.

Q: I am going to be running four dogs and I am concerned about the distance from the crating to the rings. Can you tell me how far it will be? Additionally, if there is not enough time to retrieve dogs between runs, will there be somewhere I can setup a temporary crate?

A. No temporary crating is allowed; exceptions will be made for finalists on Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday.  Crating is between the two competition halls and is no more than 50-75 yards away from the action.

Q. Could you tell me if all the rings for the agility portion of the event are going to be indoors or under cover?
A. All agility rings are indoors.

Q. Is there going to be anywhere on site where dogs can be off leash?

A. Provisions are being made for outdoor exercise areas (off-leash exercise will be at competitor's own risk).

Q: Does the handler who qualifies a dog in Dog Agility Masters/Performance Versatility Pairs at a local qualifier have to be the same handler who runs the dog at Cynosport, or can someone else run the dog?

A: Another person may handle the dog at Cynosport.  The handler limitation applies only to bye advancements earned in Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix and Steeplechase.

Q: What weave spacing will be used at the Games?

A: All weaves will be in compliance with the current rules which state that poles shall be set officially at 22" (55cm) spacing when measured center to center, with tolerance in construction permitted of plus or minus 2" (5cm).  Weave pole distances will be equivalent in all Cynosport rings.

Q: Can we wear team T-shirts? What about club/training center shirts?

A: Team and club shirts can be worn providing that they don't violate the "no sponsor" rule. So if your shirt reads like an advertisement, looks like a billboard, includes a phone number or website URL, or has a list of sponsors on it, that's not acceptable. Wearing a USDAA affiliated group name on a shirt is fine.

Q: What happens if one dog or handler on a team gets injured/sick after the close for entries or the event starts? Do the other dog/handlers on the team still get to compete in the team events for individual scores - or are they limited to only continuing with the individual events they entered (i.e. Grand Prix, Steeplechase etc.)?

A: Unfortunately, at every Cynosport Games, some teams face this problem. At check-in, the team members must notify the secretary or her designate if there is a problem with the team.  As outlined in the event schedule under Team/Versatility Pairs Entries, all substitutions must be made prior to the start of the tournament and the secretary is the one who will make those substitutions.  Remember that in Team, only two jump heights are allowed. The secretary will take all needy dogs/teams and make the greatest number of complete teams from the dogs available.  If there are odd dogs, they may compete in the individual Team classes for awards and tournament top ten points, but that would be all.

Q: If the RV parking area is locked, are we stuck in all night?

A: No, for safety reasons, someone will always be available to unlock the lot.

Q: My mother and two friends will be traveling with me.  Will they be allowed in the crating area? // Does my spouse/partner get entry into the Games with my entry?

A: Each competitor gets one wrist band for a helper. Wrist bands are tickets to the event for competitors.  Other family members and friends will have to pay for entry into the facility. People with wristbands can bring spectators into the crating area with them once the spectator has paid to enter the event.

Q: Check-in is Tuesday afternoon and the first class is in the evening.  Now am wondering if we really need to arrive Monday evening (we have an eight hour drive).  If we arrive by four will we have time for check-in and walk through of the evening class? 

A: We will announce these times when the secretary has accountered for all the entries. With an eight hour drive, you could leave at 5am and arrive on site in the early afternoon. That way you'll save on the hotel plus arrive in time for the evening class no matter what time it starts.

Q: Would you please explain the dress code as pertains to corporate logos other than USDAA? Does that mean I cannot wear a shirt with a Nike logo or a Life is Good logo? Or does it really just mean that I can't wear a shirt from someone sponsoring me?

A: Companies that are apparel manufacturers are fine, like Nike, Reebok, Polo by Ralph Lauren, and so on. These are brands of clothes sold through regular apparel retail outlets. If a company is in the business of something other than apparel and their name is on the clothing, those clothes will not be allowed. Examples of companies that may not appear on clothing include dog food companies, pet supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, equipment suppliers, magazines, and so on. This would also include any "store-branded" items as well.

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