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Qualification Standards for 2006 Tournaments Announced

New rules for 2006 Grand Prix, Performance National Standard and Steeplechase qualifiers unveiled. Dog Agility Masters Team tournament rules remain unchanged from 2005.

With 2006 tournament qualifications beginning September 24/25, the rules that will be in effect during the 2006 qualification season are now available.

New for 2006 in Performance National Standard is the calculation of a Standard Course time rather than adding three seconds to the SCT as calculated for Grand Prix.

Also new for both Grand Prix and Performance National is the voucher award. Competitors placing first in each jump height with a qualifying score will receive a voucher to be 'cashed in' for a bye in Round 1 of a "Type 1" Regional Championship. The voucher must be submitted with the entry form to a Regional Championship, is good for one-time use only, is non-transferable and enables the competitor to compete in Round 1 of a Regional in order to earn a second qualification and top ten points. However, regardless of the Round 1 score, the competitor will advance to Round 2.

New in 2006 is the addition of a second type of Grand Prix Regional Championship, simply called "Type 2". This is being instituted for developing regions outside the mainland U.S. with smaller numbers of competitors supporting the event in the region and having no access to "Type 1" (i.e., existing) regional championships. At these events, competitors placing in the top 30% of the final round are eligible to advance to the Semifinals at the world championship event, but no world finalist position is allocated.

The Dog Agility Masters Team qualification requirements remain unchanged from 2005.

Complete class descriptions are available in the Forms & Documents Library.


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