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Cynosport Games Night at Churchill Downs & the Kentucky Derby Museum

Don't miss a special night of entertainment!

Experience the excitement of thoroughbred racing and its history in this special evening at Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum. The function will wrap up at around 9pm and will include a light dinner.

Kenneling at the show site will be available if you need a secure place to leave your dog. Please sign up at Cynosport check-in if you wish to leave your dog(s) during the event.

Anyone who would like to attend the function and has not signed up may still do so. We must have a reservation with fee delivered to the office no later than Friday, October 1.  You can fax your reservation with credit card info to:  (972) 231-9700.  Please use the credit card form included as part of the test schedule, which may be downloaded at event calendar (direct link:


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