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2009 Grand Prix 12" Champion Masher Returns to the Games

Rickie Roo gets a pre-Games interview.

Name: Masher - ADCH MACH Livewire It's All Gravy
Age: 4
Breed: Papillon
Hometown: Acton, California

Rickie Roo: Tell me about your previous trips to the Cynosport World Games.

Masher: This will be my third year playing at the USDAA Cynosport Games. The first year I only got to run in Team and Steeplechase and last year I got to play in everything!

Rickie Roo: Did you do well?

Masher: I guess I did because Mom was very happy and we had to take lots of pictures with a gold shiny cup that was bigger than me!

Rickie Roo: What classes are you participating in this year?

Masher: Mom and I get to run everything this year too!

Rickie Roo: Are there other members of your household participating at this event?

Masher: Luckily Ella the Dalmatian didn't qualify in enough things to go this year. That suits me just fine because I really don't like sharing my mom or watching her run with anyone else!

Rickie Roo: What do you like best about USDAA agility?

Masher: My favorite thing about USDAA is all the games! Gamblers is my favorite. Wheeeeee!

Rickie Roo: How do you reward your handler for a job well done?

Masher: Lots of kisses!

Rickie Roo: How does your handler reward you for a job well done?

Masher: My mom tugs with me with my favorite toy. Which I can do for hours, until the cookies come out!

Rickie Roo: How do you let your handler know there are areas she can improve upon?

Masher: I try my hardest to watch and listen to my mom. I think she is pretty good at grasping the fact that it is always her mistake as I have never been told I have done anything wrong.

Rickie Roo: Are there any dogs you use as agility inspiration?

Masher: My mommy, Shredder, and my daddy, Moso!

Rickie Roo: What are your goals for this year's Cynosport games?

Masher: To have lots of fun and run really fast!

Rickie Roo: Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Masher: I am looking forward to visiting the Kentucky horse park and see and smell all the horses there. Good luck and safe travels to everyone making the trek to Kentucky and run fast, have fun, and eat lots and lots of cookies!

Rickie Roo is a two-year-old Rat Terrier that is loved and handled by Deborah Davidson Harpur of Harbor City, California. She enjoys running really fast, stealing treats, and being as naughty as a terrier can be. She is a proud canine ambassador for the Active Care line of dog food by Breeder's Choice andĀ Read more about Rickie Roo on

Photo courtesy of Julie Sandoval.


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