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2011 Tournament Season Announcements

Regional championships for the 2011 season and qualification events for IFCS 2012 World Championships

With the 2010 tournament season now over, attention has turned to the 2011 season for USDAA's Cynosport championships and the 2011 qualification season for the 2012 IFCS World Championships. 

To provide up to date status report on USDAA regionals and other IFCS team qualification events, please note that the following events have been awarded to date:

Regional Championships

  • Northeast - Keystone Agility Club
  • Southeast - Canine Capers
  • North Central - Cream City and Contact Sports Agility (co-hosting)
  • South Central - Dallas Agility Working Group
  • Rocky Mountain - To be announced
  • Northwest - To be announced
  • Southwest - The Bay Team

Special Qualification Events

In addition to the above events, the following special qualification trials for the IFCS World Team for 2012 have been awarded.  Please note that others are under consideration.

  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • Kerrville, Texas
  • Salt Lake City, Utah

These events combined with the list of the regional events will be designated Four-Star events, to denote their IFCS qualification status.  The qualification period for the IFCS World Team will be January through mid-October, culminating with the 2011 USDAA/Cynosport® championship event. 

New to the formula will be two special qualification classes that will have special course design requirements to further test the performance capabilities and skills of competing handler/dog teams. These will be offered at each of the four-star events (regionals and special events designated above), and will carry point awards equal to tournament classes.  

Please consult the USDAA Event Calendar for dates.  Please note that not all events have not filed applications as of this notice.  Full details will be posted as soon as they are finalized. 


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