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Update on Status of Permanent Height Cards

Continue to use printout until you have your card in hand...

Permanent cards have not been mailed and will not be mailed until after the holidays.  Unfortunately, many cards disappear this time of year because they feel like gift cards. Rather than chance the disappearance of many cards which would then require replacement, we ask for your patience a little longer.

IF YOUR DOG'S STATUS IS LISTED AS PERMANENT in your Competitor Services account and you are awaiting the arrival of the permanent card, a copy of the printout listing your dog's status as permanent may be included with your entry (as outlined in every test schedule). 

This applies ONLY to dogs with a permanent status listing.

We will resume printing and mailing of permanent cards in January.  If you submitted yours before January 1 and have not received it by end of January, please email the office with handler and dog identification information details at


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