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Good Dog Agility 4-Star Friday (UPDATED)

Check out the Team Gamblers and Team Standard courses and other info from Friday's 4-Star event in Arizona. By Annie DeChance

Team Standard Course Analysis

The Team Standard course had a very similar layout to the Masters Standard course that was run a few hours earlier and it proved confusing to a few handlers who thought they were still running Masters and not Team Standard, earning an off course or wasting time trying to remember the new sequence.

The first part of the course ran pretty smooth for most folks and dogs really picked up speed at the #6 tunnel through the #9 tunnel where handlers needed to start getting their dogs collected to hit the weave pole entrance two jumps later. 

This proved to be the most challenging part of the course for both open and mini dogs  the #9-#12 sequence.  It didn't matter if handlers did a front or rear cross, many teams earned a refusal at the weaves, mainly due to the speed of the dogs.

Another trouble spot for some was the #15-#17 sequence.  Some handlers who attempted a rear cross at #16 ended up sending the dogs straight to #17, missing #16 completely.  A few dogs also went straight to jump #18 as handlers were doing a rear cross. 

Just a few dogs took an off course to the #9 tunnel on their way to the last jump.  There were also quite a few missed dogwalk contacts.

This course was fun to run, yet provided the challenges you'd expect in tournament events.  It was a balance between both pushing and collecting your dog while maintaining a consistent speed.

Team Standard individual unofficial results: 


1. Bo (Handridge)
2. Nitro (Rueschenberg)
3. Booker (Cillessen)
4 Jinn (Humphrey)

1. Steeple (Terrill)
2. Gina (Humphrey)
3. Teg (Hobensack)
4. Grit (Bush)
5. Chil (Tyler)

1. Tack (Koeske)
2. Bailey (Thurman)
3. Hemi (Evans)
4. Moxie (Schor)



1. GUmbo (Zurborg)
2. Stella (DeChance)
3. Dart (Paul)

1. Nika (Calhoun)
2. Maggie (McClernon)
3. Heather (Belluardo)
4. Jack (Doepke)

1. Grace (Thompson)
2. Lance (Leitner)
3. Trey (Goodspeed)
4. Keely (Roper)

1. Letti (Permann)
2. Parkir (Roeder)

Team Gamblers Course Analysis

Judge Terry Smorch gave handlers three choices for the gamble in Team Gamblers.  The format was similar to a typical Gamblers course with opening and closing periods and handlers were able to choose between three different gambles, each worth a different amount of points. 

In the opening for both Championship and Performance, the typical opening sequences started with either the chute or the teeter.  Handlers who chose the chute first went to either the weave poles or took the line of jumps around the weaves.  A few went to the jump on the far side of the weaves and straight into the tunnel, dogwalk, tunnel sequence. 

Handlers who started with the teeter either followed it by jump, chute, or did a front cross and turned the dogs to the line of jumps around the weaves.

Most everyone did the dogwalk at least once, since it was the highest point obstacle in the opening. Many handlers did the dogwalk twice as well as both tunnels on either end of the dogwalk since it was the place to accumulate the most points in the least amount of distance. 

Gamble A was worth 10 points and the biggest proportion of handlers for both Championship and Performance chose this gamble. Handlers who did this gamble were also the most successful:  18 out of 25 succeeded!

Gamble B was a close second with 24 dogs attempting it, with 15 dogs earning 15 points. 

Gamble C was worth 25 points and only about 15 handlers chose this option, with nine being successful.  There were a few dogs who completed this gamble, but not in time.  A few dogs took the dogwalk instead of the #2 tunnel, while a few others back jumped #3.  One or two dogs got a refusal on the #5 jump, much to the crowds dismay.

All in all, the course provided many options for handlers to play to their dogs' strengths in both the opening and closing. 

Team Gamblers unofficial results

1. Joker (Abbott) 52
2. Brink (Eide) 49
3. Jinn (Humphrey) 42

1. Steeple (Terrill) 53
2. Phlash (Hultsman) 45
3. Teg (Hobensack) 44
4. Brill (Emery) 40
5. Hemi (Tyler) 36

Klev'r (Rosen) 47
2. Bailey (Thurman) 43
3. Tack (Koeske) 42
4. Jam (Gloor) 41
5. Bug (Brown) 38

PVP Gamblers

1. Strider (Levine) 45
2. Dart (Paul) 39
3. Reason (Mills)

1. Echo (Mills) 52
2. Nika (calhoun) 51
3. Jack (Doepke) 42
4. Qyette (Hultsman) 41

1. Keely (Roper) 38
2. Devon (Hoelzle) 38
3. Lily (Hall) 36
4. Grace (Thompson) 33

1. Letti (Permann) 54
2. Parkir (Roeder) 35

Annie DeChance lives in Phoenix, Arizona and has competed with mixed breed dogs adopted from local shelters for the last 15 years.


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