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Final Regulations for Veterans Program Issued

Revisions provide more flexibilities for competitors and simplifies process.

USDAA has issued final regulations for the new Veterans Program to be effective March 1.  Revisions have been made to provide more flexibility for competitors in moving from Veterans back to Performance or Championship when an event does not offer the Veterans Program classes, while the requirements for conduct of classes have been streamlined to require use of Masters level classes judged by masters level judges.  In addition, title awards and contribution toward Lifetime Achievement Awards have been defined.

The program is designed to provide a place for dogs to remain active and maintain physical health, as opposed to testing for agility and competitive result. Qualification standards have been established in the regulations as a means of measuring accomplishment of minimum standards under the program. 

"We see merit to providing a playing ground for dogs in their senior years to remain active and fit as long as they are of good physical health," says USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch. "Recognizing that each dog is different, we trust competitors to exercise sound judgment in determining at what point a dog should retire from the sport."  

A full draft of the Veterans Regulations can be found in the Forms and Documents Library on


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