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USDAA Announces New Program

The Intro program is here!


USDAA brought dog agility to North America over 25 years ago.  Through the years, USDAA has evolved its program to give competitors more options to play with their dogs.  In keeping with its tradition of leadership in agility, USDAA is proud to announce the Intro Program.

We can all remember our first couple of agility events.  Those first trials can be overwhelming for new competitors.  The Intro Program is designed to help new and existing competitors get their dogs started in dog agility, easing them into the fun and exciting world of USDAA.


Dogs 14 months of age and older and registered with USDAA are eligible to compete in the Intro classes.


The Intro Program consists of four (4) classes:

  • Standard
  • Jumpers
  • Gamblers
  • Snooker

One or more of these classes may be offered at Affiliated Groups' regular events or they can be offered as stand-alone events.  Clubs are not required to offer Intro classes and competitors are not required to enter them.


The Intro Program adds 17 more titles to USDAA's current 120 available titles.  Competitors may earn all of their qualifying scores under one judge.



Ever wish you could trial at your training facility?  Well now you can!  The Intro Program Only Event (IPO event) is designed to be held in facilities as small as 3,200 square feet.  This means many training centers may sign up as either an Affiliated Group or as an Intro Group and hold IPO events at their training center.  Students and their dogs can build their ring confidence by competing at their regular training facility.

Affiliated and Intro Groups may hold an IPO the night before a sanctioned event at the show site on the show equipment.  This is open to both dogs that are entered in the event the next day and dogs that are not entered in the event the next day. 


At Intro Program Only events, competitors may enter their dogs already titled in USDAA "For Exhibition Only" (FEO).  FEO competitors may use toys (inaudible items that remain in the hand, no food allowed) in the ring and have up to standard course time (SCT) to run their dogs in the ring.  FEO is allowed when the Intro classes are held in conjunction with a regular event hosted by an affiliated group, as long as the dog is entered only in the Intro classes.

Entries for IPO events may be limited, except when the IPO event is held the night before a sanctioned event on the show site.


These tests may be judged by a USDAA approved judge, however, due to the simpler nature of the Intro Program, these classes may also be judged by a USDAA "approved" person who has sufficient experience to enable him or her to competently perform judging responsibilities.  All Intro courses will be reviewed and approved for safety and consistency before they are used.


Intro Program classes may be offered at events held on or after August 1, 2011.  Intro Program Only events may be offered on or after August 1, 2011.  The scheduling of these events may begin on June 1, 2011. 


Initial Group Membership Fee:  $75.00 (for organizations that have not signed up to hold USDAA events before)
Annual Group Renewal Fee:  $50.00
Event Application Fee:  $25.00
Intro Recording Fee:  $1.00 per run
Course Review Fee:  $5.00 per course


Intro clubs signing up by December 31, 2011 will get a reduced initial group membership fee of $25.00 and will not have to renew until January 1, 2013.  In addition, each Affiliated Group and Intro Group will get their first Intro Program Only Event Application fee waived.


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