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Continuing Improvements at USDAA

What's up next at USDAA?

Now that the 2011 rulebook has been published and the LAA Awards programming is completed, our next goal at USDAA is to focus on improving the Group Administration system.  Our goal is to make applying for an event and developing the test schedule easier and faster to do.  We plan on having these improvements completed in early summer. 
We started working this morning on re-scoping the approach to handling test schedule notes and approvals and will be make some significant changes that we believe will solve most of the problems that have been reported to us. 
We are looking at bypassing the initial detailed review of notes so an event secretary can complete tasks without being held up for initial submission.  We are also evaluating procedures to provide separate levels of review for experienced secretaries versus newer secretaries.  In addition, the cloning of previous events will be a part of this phase.
We strive to improve our level of customer service and to ensure that your USDAA experience is enjoyable.  We welcome any comments or feedback you may have on the system.  Please email us at to share your ideas.  
Thank you for supporting USDAA dog agility!


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