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2011 Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase Results

Results so far from this April 8-10, 2011 event

Four USDAA agility clubs have combined forces to offer the second annual Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase, which is occurring from April 8 through 10, 2011. The premier event was held in 2010 at Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is considered as part of USDAA's Spring Festival of Dog Agility. The other part of the festival is taking place in Texas this weekend.

All class types at all levels will be offered during this three ring extravaganza, in addition to all tournaments: Team, Grand Prix, and Steeplechase, and Performance Versatility Pairs, Performance Grand Prix, and Performance Speed Jumping.

In addition, a Triathlon class will be offered with a winning purse of $4,000.00. The Triathalon is an invitational event composed of three rounds. To qualify for an invitation into the Championship or Performance Triathlons, the dog must have earned a qualifying score in a Grand Prix or Steeplechase class (or Performance Grand Prix or Performance Speed Jumping class) at any USDAA event between the dates of April 5, 2010 and April 7, 2011. For information on how the Triathalon works, please visit

The Mid-Atlantic Spring Festival is being livestreamed free-of-charge at Click here for more information.

Results (will be updated throughout the weekend)

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