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By Brenna Fender and Monica Percival, Clean Run


The sun is setting on the USDAA World Cynosport Games, and things are winding down in rings two through six. But ring one, surrounded by bleachers and decorated with flags and banners, is being prepared for the $10,000 Steeplechase Finals. Competitors are slated to walk soon. For now, they content themselves with examining course maps and making plans.

It's walkthrough time! Temperatures are falling. It's dark, without a star in the sky. The finals ring is brightly lit and exhibitors walk the course in their bright green and yellow shirts and black pants. Music is playing and the crowds are rowdy, occasionally bursting into song. The excitment is at an all-time high -- so far!

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Course Analysis

USDAA judge and competitor Melanie Behrens shares her analysis of the course:

"This Steeplechase course looks like it will run fast and will not be overly technical, which will make it an exciting event to watch. In the opening, from obstacles number #1 through #4, we may see some different handling techniques. A tight turn to the tunnel will be necessary to win. Competitors will choose between a front cross or a rear cross at the A-Frame approach, especially on the first pass. Many handlers will choose to front cross between #12 and #13 and again from #14 to #15. A last challenge will be from #19 to #20, with an inviting off-course tunnel facing the dogs just as their handlers need to turn them tightly to the #20 jump."

Live Coverage

12" Division

Kimberly Sisak and her Devo (Papillon) ran the course in 28.29.

Jan Perry and Gracie Allen (All American) had an off-course.

Nita Woulf and Peanut (PW Corgi) ran clean in 36.16.

Janelle Julyan and Eve (PW Corgi) ran clean in 34.99.

Stuart Mah and Alley Cat (PW Corgi) ran clean in 36.23.

Beth Martin and Cueball (JRT) with an amazing running A-frame ran clean in 33.08

Jen Crank and Splash (Sheltie) finished a beautiful run in 33.53.

Dana Pike and Maybie (JRT) also had a clean run with 33.48.

Tomomi Okuma and Ryu (Mini Poodle) saved a near off-course after jump #5 (to #10) but lost time correcting the problem, finishing in 36.56.

Kimberly Sisak and Phoebe (Papillon) had a great run with lots of tight turns, finishing in 32.10 to take the lead.

Brad Pelton and Amoco (Sheltie) finished in 31.07 to take the top place at this time.

Anne Platt and Charley (Papillon) ripped through the course in 30.72 with the tightest turn after jump #14 so far.

Roger Coor and Moso (Papillon), the top seed, finished in 30.56. Despite some wide turns, the team's incredible ground speed made up for it. Roger was the only handler to do a blind cross in front the A-frame.

Devo ends up with the blue ribbon.

16" Division

Kristen Clarkson and Puppy (Sheltie) set the pace at 32.35.

Joan Meyer and Neil (Sheltie) finished in 32.33 with some wide turns.

Jean Lavalley and Taz (Sheltie) had a quick start and finished in 30.15. The slipped before the last jump but finished clean.

Barb Davis and P.J. (Sheltie) finished in 31.82.

Randy Huff and Edith (JRT) had a seat of your pants run and ended up with an off-course after #18, going right to #20.

Megan Foster, a 13-year-old handler, and Ty (Sheltie) brought the crowd to their fee with their 31.74 second run.

Nancy Kleinhans and Joni (Sheltie) finished in 31.49 with a very tight turn after #13.

Maureen Strenfel and Jitter (Mini Aussie) finished in 32.31.

Mindy Lytle and Sting (JRT) had an off-course after #11 to #13.

Marcia Walsh and Xena (JRT) missed an A-frame contact the first time over the obstacle, but had a time of 30.34.

Judith Michel and Jeffrey (Sheltie) finished in 32.17.

Joel Lavalley and Marvel (Sheltie) pushed a little too hard and ran past #19.

Ashley Deacon and Luka (Pyr Shep) blazed through the course in 29.57.

Rebecca Cheek and Nicholas (Sheltie) had a nice smooth run, finishing in 31.85.

Paige Pierce and Oslo (Cross Breed) were having a great run, but the handler pushed too hard and had to correct a run-by at jump #19, finishing in 32.88.

Susan Garrett and Decaff (JRT), the top-seed, finished in 29.85 with a great run.

The win goes to Ashley Deacon and Luka.

22" Division

This is an all Border Collie class.

Gerry Brown and Sterling had an unfortunate off-course at the beginning of the course.

Terry Smorch and Remi, 3-time past Steeplechase Champions, had a runby at jump #12 and lost time correcting it, but still finished in 31.96.

Sharon Freilich and Rip took the lead, finishing in 28.99 with a super tight turn after #14.

Jen Pinder and Dealer had a quick start but had some wide turns and pushed past #19 straight to #20 for the off-course.

Lynneia Ann Hope and Kahlua set a new first-place time with 28.28.

Paulena Renee Hope and Stalker had a very wide turn after #3 and a fault on the first A-frame and a bar down at #18 which takes them out of contention.

Pamela Fish and Flash finished in 29.42.

Stephanie Spyr and Rage were blasting through the course but took an off-course (over #19) going to #15.

Ali Roukas and Catcher missed the weave entry and lost time correcting it, finishing in 32.07.

Sherry Kluever and Ransom had one of the best turns after #3, but missed a down on the A-frame. She finished in 28.14.

Daisy Peel and Fly were flying but earned an off-course over #19 while going to #15.

Lisa Dewey and Rush had a terrific run, taking the lead with a score of 28.11.

Mark Bowerman and Sybil had a good, quick start and finished the course in 28.73.

Julia Hunt and Dot had a wide turn and a spin after #3 and a bar down at #16, but finished in 28.98.

Rhonda Carter and Blast dropped a bar at #12 but finished in 27.83.

Alison Carter and Nyke, the top seed coming into the finals, saved a near off-course over #19 and finished in 28.41 to take third.

26" Division

Another Border Collie only class so we won't mention specific breeds.

Susan Bankauf-Clark and Blast finish in 30.87 despite several wide turns.

Olga Chaiko and Luz had a great run (31.21) but took down a bar at #16.

Greg Leal and Coty had a smooth, efficient run to finish in 30.31.

Anne Andrle and Ski finished in 30.62 with a nice run.

David Skvorak and Dan had some wide turns but finished in 30.46.

Bill Pinder and Static had a very efficient run, crossing the line in 30.50.

Greg Leal and Tala took a bar down at #5, finishing in 30.87.

Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar had an off-course going to #5; the dog cut behind her to take #3.

Frank Yang and The Flash had the same problem but finished in 30.56.

Jody Lolich-Dietrich and Gator scorched the course finishing in 30.24 to take the lead.

Kathryn Stein and Brazen took a bar down at #3 and finished in 30.67.

Nancy Gyes and Panic set the mark at 29.89 with very tight lines.

Debbie Berkley and Spirit also have a great run at 29.95.

Ann Braue and Spree pushed hard, finishing in 29.21 to set a new first place time.

Tinna Brown and Frazzle roared through the course in 29.14 despite some wide turns.

Chris Parker and Mayhem had an off-course over #3 while on the way to #5.

The win goes to Frazzle.

Photos of the Action

Action photos by Joe Canova

Course Diagram

Course Designer

Course designed by the judging panel.


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