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Veterans Grand Prix Semifinals

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The same course is used for the Grand Prix of Dog Agility Quarterfinals, the Performance National Standard Quarterfinals, and the Veterans Grand Prix Semifinals.

64 competitors will run in the Veterans Grand Prix Semifinals. For a list of competitors, go to the top exhibitor from each jump height performing in a Veterans Final round immediately prior to the Grand Prix of Dog Agility? World Championship finals on Sunday afternoon.

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This special class is offered as a tribute to past top competitors. Entry is limited to those competitors with dogs who are at least eight years old and who have been prior finalists or semifinalists in the Grand Prix of Dog Agility?. The course is modified to offer a lower A-frame and lower jump heights -- 8", 12", 16" and 22". No spread hurdles are used.


Standard scoring rules apply.


The Veterans Grand Prix Semifinals course is identical to the Grand Prix and Performance National Standard courses, so the older dogs are facing the same challenges as their younger counterparts. Despite being intended as a showcase of veterans, this class is shaping up to be competitive in it's own right. Some of the greatest dogs in agility are here, strutting their stuff and having a great time as well.

One big difference from the Grand Prix and Performance National classes is the lack of fault limits -- the veteran dogs were allowed to finish the run despite being eliminated for off-courses. Lots of applause accompanies each finish, and thehandlers are having great times with their dogs.

Arizona resident Judy May had a good run with her eight-and-a-half-year-old Papillion, Gunner. She says, "I thought it was a very wide open and flowing course - very flashy. It gives you the feeling that you should open up and go - it's more about beating the clock. I had a lot of fun and I'm glad I came. I appreciate that, for the old dogs, there were not lots of sharp angles."

Kimber Chase came all the way from Florida to run her almost ten-year-old Border Collie, Wryly. "The course was very fair for older dogs. It emphasizes a lot of different skills -- speed, technical ability, and handling ability," she says.

Candy Gaiser ran both her nine-and-a-half-year-old Lurcher, Pivot, and her nearly twelve-year-old Foxhound, Wog, on the Veterans course. Gaiser says, "The course is fine. It was fun."

International competitor Elicia Calhoun turned in an outstanding run with her Australian Shepherd, Suni, who is now nine and a half years old. She says, "This is a refreshing break to run our old buddies and to get to do it with our peers. It's back to the olden days when it was fun. It's a fun course. The hardest part is not knowing whether we can compete in the finals."


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