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What's Up at USDAA?

Check out some of our plans for the second quarter!

During the second quarter of this busy year, the USDAA office is working hard on:

  • coordinating this year's Cynosport World Games to be held in Louisville, Kentucky.
  • searching for a site for the 2012 Cynosport World Games.
  • completing certain modifications in Group Services for note handling and test schedule creation, including the ability to manage more than one test schedule at a time and cloning of test schedules from prior events.
  • completing the schedule for this year's streamed events.  We will stream some Regional and 4-Star events this year as more facilities are used that have sufficient Internet connectivity to permit streaming.  These Regional and 4-Star event streams are free of charge this year as we work to build a schedule of events on Cynosport.TV.
  • completing policy reviews begun in the first quarter.
  • completing development of the IFCS World Championship web site (to be hosted by USDAA in Fort Worth, Texas).
  • continuing to work on new web site interface.
  • beginning implementation of a new online storefront.

We've got lots of great things in the works. Thanks for competing in USDAA agility!


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