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By Brenna Fender and Monica Percival, Clean Run


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Going into the run the two-dog teams were seeded in this order:

Odd Couple
Just for Fun
Why It's Misha
Cyno Express
Teetering Out
What's Black and Red All Rover
Double Trouble 2
Over the Hill and Across the Pond
Guess with Zest

Quick Summary of the Runs

Odd Couple -- clean and smooth
Just for Fun -- faulted for handler collision and a bar down
Teetering Out -- narrowly avoided a refusal on the teeter but ran clean
Double Trouble 2 -- Refusal at weaves on the first side
Over the Hill and Across the Pond -- very clean and fast
AAA -- clean and fast
Guess with Zest -- slow exchange but the run was clean and fast
Cyno Express -- clean
Why It's Misha -- near off-course at the weaves on the second side, but the run was clean.
What's Black and Red All Over -- excellent hand-off. At the end of the run, both handlers stripped off their shirts and celebrated!


Course Design

Course designed by judging panel.


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