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Wasatch Agility 4-Star Wrap-up

Reflections on a successful event. By Coleen Hawker

All the competitors were great at our little 4-Star event in Utah! We are a very small group and we always depend on the competitors to pitch in. They did once again! I thank you all for helping us out each day. 

Friday and Saturday were near perfect for agility but Sunday we had record rainfall here for this day in June. We actually managed through the event without any major problems and people were still pitching in even though most of us were drenched from head to toe by the time we finished Sunday. So, again, thank you to each and every one of you. 

Tim Laubach was our Tournament and Masters judge and he was great. Check out some of his courses on the USDAA website (on the news page at The International Handlers Challenge (IHC) classes were tough, but I only heard how much fun people were having on them.

Susan Mottice was our Starters/Advanced judge. She and the few people in her ring were awesome in working with conflicts and just taking care of business.

It was really nice to have Andy Hartman on site. It was the first time I have met him and I can see him being an asset to USDAA. He worked very hard to try to get the live feed up and running. He helped out in the last class by doing the timing for Masters Snooker. He was also gracious enough to stick around when we were done to help us load up in the rain despite the fact he had been soaked and chilled for hours.

I do have a favorite picture in my head of competitor/volunteer. Elica Calhoun and Stacy Peardot-Goudy were out in the rain adjusting the length of the broad jump with a metal tape measure. They had just stood up and all of sudden we heard very loud thunder. Stacy had the tape measure in her hand with about 5' or 6' of it sticking up and out you fill in the blanks. OK, I'll help a little: Stacy can move! What we will go through to do dog agility is really amazing.

Congratulations to everyone who qualified or got what they wanted out of their runs. You can find results from the event at

Photos courtesy of Carol Clawson,

Coleen Hawker is the owner of Wasatch Agility which is a private business that, according to Coleen, "has some awesome support to put on USDAA events." Coleen has been involved in USDAA agility for over 12 years. She says, "I still believe it to be the best agility organization out there and have great hope for it's future."


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