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Northeastern Regional Update

The USDAA website described much of the team and tournament action from the June 10-12 Regional, but there were many other accomplishements. Trial Secretary Helen McNenly shares the details.

It was a Goldilocks and The Three Bears Northeastern Regional: Friday was too hot,Saturday was too wet and cold, but Sunday was just right! Thank you to our three terrific judges who endured it all: David Bozak, Becky Dean, and Richard Deppe. Also thank you to all who volunteered - we can't do it without you!

New titles earned at Keystone's NE Regional:


Rosie & Karen Schelling     P1 Standard & PD
Quid & Barb Miller             Starters Standard
Sayre & Jan Thomas          P1 Gamblers
Reggie & Emily Keggan      P2 Gamblers
Pancho & Rory Maruschak   P1 Gamblers, P1 Jumpers & PD
Tricky & Bobbie Bhambree  Starters Jumpers
Spree & Pam Freyman        Starters Standard
Phaser & Susan Bankauf     AD
Reno & Kim Vanderwende   AD
Kira & Zanya Gissler          AD


Poppy & Kathy Morgan    Advanced Jumpers
Wolf & Ann Scripko        P2 Snooker, P2 Gamblers
Baron & Inge Hooper      P2 Gamblers & APD


Crystal & Sidney Hoblit         Jumper Master
Jordie & Gillian Chase          Gambler Master
Dia & Sally Josselyn             Veterans Gamblers
Logan & Mary Arose             Performance Gambler Master
Ripley & Heather Kolesa       Jumper Master & MAD
Trekker & Lynn Pettipaw       MAD
Ginger & Katherine Dattoma  MAD
Oliver & Kaitlyn Arnsdorf       MAD
Ginger & Larry Kelly              Tournament Master
Sonic & Susan Crank             ADCH
Saige & Donna Sims             ADCH
Bean & Shannon Kell            Silver Gamblers, Gold Tournament Master

Congratulations to all!


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