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USDAA World Cynosport® Games Dog Agility Final Scoring Summary

Class lists of the dog agility events at the 2005 World Cynosport? Games, including the Grand Prix of Dog Agility? World Championships, Dog Agility Masters? International Three-Dog Championship and $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase? Championships. Video clips are provided to show some of the action.

Click on the link below for each class to see final results. (Note that Qualifications indicated on class results sheets relate to meeting tournament standards for purposes of advancement only, and do NOT represent qualification for titling purposes.)

Wednesday Results

Time Gamble
Performance Time Gamble

Thursday Results

Steeplechase - Semifinals
Performance Speed Jumping
Dog Agility Masters - Snooker
Dog Agility Masters - Team Overall Day 1
Performance Versatility - Snooker
Performance Versatility - Pairs Overall Day 1

Video Clips: Steeplechase Round 1

Friday Results

Grand Prix Quarterfinals
Veterans Grand Prix Semifinals
Performance National Standard Quarterfinals
Dog Agility Masters - Standard
Dog Agility Masters - Team Overall - Day 2
Performance Versatility - Standard
Performance Versatility - Pairs Overall - Day 2
Power & Speed
Performance Power & Speed
$10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase? Finals

Video Clips: Steeplechase Finals
Video Clips: Celebrity Agility

Friday night's Steeplechase Finals was preceded by a media "Celebrity Fun Run", including various media celebrities, Olympian Greg Louganis and USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, all running "volunteer" dogs. Proceeds from the evenings gate was donated to SPCA's of the Gulf Coast.

Saturday Results

Grand Prix Semifinals
National Standard Semifinals
Dog Agility Masters - Gamblers
Dog Agility Masters - Jumpers
Dog Agility Masters - Three-Dog Relay
Dog Agility Masters Team Championship - Overall
Performance Versatility - Gamblers
Performance Versatility - Jumpers
Performance Versatility - Pairs Relay
Performance Versatility Pairs - Overall

Video Clips: Grand Prix SemiFinals

Sunday Results

Performance National Standard Finals
Veterans Grand Prix Finals
Grand Prix of Dog Agility? World Championships Finals

Video Clips: Veterans Grand Prix
Video Clips: Grand Prix


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