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Cynosport 2012: Updated

Check out the latest information about next year's big event!

Full regulations on the tournaments will be out soon.  In the meantime, we want to clarify what is needed to be able to enter the Cynosport World Games in 2012.
For 2012, a competitor only needs to qualify in one tournament to participate in the event. (In 2011, a competitor had to qualify in two tournaments.) We have no space limitations in 2012 and we are pleased to be able to accommodate everyone in whichever tournament they may qualify.
The number of qualifying scores per tournament has not changed.  A minimum of two qualifications is required for Grand Prix, or Performance Grand Prix, and a minimum of two qualifications is required for Steeplechase, or Speed Jumping. One qualification is required in the Team,  or Pairs, tournament as previously announced.  A competitor may only compete in one program  Championship or Performance  at the event.  The criteria for establishing eligibility for a program are unchanged.
In looking ahead to Cynosport® 2012, we will be seeking to shorten the event by at least one full day overall, returning to a four and one-half day event like we had in Scottsdale in 2009. In a quick look at the 2009 schedule, we had some 1,000 competitors entered, and aside from a single warm-up class on Wednesday, all tournament classes were held on four days, Thursday through Sunday.  The unlimited space in Commerce City opens the door to be more efficient with scheduling as well.
With a 50% increase in the number of regionals for 2012 (which we announced previously), this should provide more opportunity for competitors to earn byes into the semifinal rounds in the individual tournaments, thereby reducing the demand for quarterfinals at Cynosport® 2012.  The class schedule for the event is being revisited to determine if a reordering of classes may enable us to further shorten the length of the event.  At a minimum, we will be seeking to schedule all quarterfinals on Thursday for those who were unable to earn a bye at a regional.  Still, depending on entry numbers, a team/pairs class may be need to be held on Thursday as well, perhaps in the afternoon. This may result in many competitors not needing to be present until Thursday afternoon. This should be of particular interest to those who may have a conflict on Wednesday with the observance of Yom Kippur.
Obviously we are unable to make a guarantee of any type, but we view it in everyone's best interest to shorten the event without sacrificing quality. As the year progresses in 2012, we will continue to assess the schedule and will be trying to put resources into motion to make such a schedule possible.  

Update: The 2012 Veterans Showcase will use the same format as the 2011 event, except in 2012 the current Veterans Class jump heights will be used.


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